1. Define the term research 2. Define research problem 3.

What are the steps for identifying the research problem? 4. How to formulate a research problem ? 5. Explain the importance of research in social science 6. Define academic research and business research 7. Explain the characteristics of research 8. Explain the objectives of research 9. Explain the importance of research problem 10. Explain the term Hypothesis with example 11. Explain the different types of hypothesis 12. What are the various sources of formulating hypothesis? 13. Explain the characteristics of framing good hypothesis 14. Distinguish between Research Methods and Research Methodology 15. What are the objectives of research? 16. Explain the significance of research questions 17. What is the need for theory in research? 18. Explain the basic types of Research. 19. Exaplin the research in an evolutionary perspective 20. What do you mean by pure research 21. Explain the significance of literature survey 22. Explain the various sources of literature survey 23. Explain the types of Research design. 24. What is Research Design? Explain its components 25. Discuss the different steps involved in Research Process

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