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Published by: Chakradhar Gunjan on Apr 30, 2012
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B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) 3rd Semester (2nd year).
CHANAKYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, PATNA (www.cnlu.ac.in) Contact No. 09006194024 E-Mail- jjitender3@gmail.com


Keen to absorb the tremendous knowledge, experience and skills of a lawyer which will offer me early responsibilities, a progressive career path, gaining networking connections which will provide me an opportunity to maximise my potential. PERSONAL DETAILSName- Jitender Kumar Chaudhary Gender- Male Date of Birth- 5th july 1988. Father’s name- Mr. Nirotam Singh Chaudhary. EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS-

2008 Presently in Chanakya National Law University, Patna. • • Second year consists of Property Law, Law of Contracts, Family Law & Indian Penal Code. Projects and presentation on several legal topics like Offences related to Elections, Nullity of Marriage; Hindu Law, Mortgage by Conditional Sale, Duties of Bailor, etc. Essay on the topic ………………………………….. in Gujarat National Law University, Ahmedabad.

2006 passed 12th Board Examination from C.B.S.E Curriculum and 10th Board Examination C.B.S.E. in the year 2004.

Patna. 0612-6450242. At present Prof. Organizational. Bharatpur. Patna. Familiar with handling of electronic gadgets. OTHER EXPERIENCEInternship with various NGO’s in area of creating rural awakening. • Dr. Vice-Chancellor.Time management skills gained through projects and course works and prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines.2219801.Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word. Bangalore. A.Excellent team working skills gained through Coursework and extracurricular activities.L. C.U. EXTRA CURRICULUMRepresented University Volley Ball team in National Law School of India University. Ph. E-Mail and Internet. PowerPoint. REFERENCES• Dr. Computer. Typing speed: 40 wpm. Gender Discrimination.. Patna. Indian Red Cross Society. Prohibition of Dowry. 0612.SKILSSLanguage. Former Head & Dean. Rajasthan).N. Excel. Rajasthan. No. . Ph. Self help Group (Lupin Human Welfare & Research Foundation. Communication and Interpersonal. Patna and did library internship with Government Law College. No. Shyed Ali Mohammad. of Law CNLU. Faculty of Law University Patna. Lakshminath.English with sound command on Legal English Writing.

I here by declare that all the information furnished above is true with all my knowledge. Jitender KumarChaudhary. 2008 . 5th Oct.

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