Political Career of Mrs.

Sonia Gandhi

MRS. SONIA GANDHI Date of Birth : 09 December, 1946 Place of Birth : Italy.

Birth Chart

This is my observation about her political career with respect to year 2008 specifically. As per the Bhrigu Nadi system, Jupiter is transiting Pisces from 62 to 72 years of her age. In the year 2008, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius conjunct Natal Mars and its depositor would be 11th from itself will be Venus which is in its own house. Saturn is in Leo and second from Natal Saturn. Year 2008 would be a period where she will be able to establish herself but with a lot of aligns management (Sun which is depositor of transiting Saturn and Leo is with Mercury and Ketu signifying secret alliances). It will be a year where Native will show her acumen in political management. In case elections happen in this year, she will be able to retain authority but it will not be an easy task and would involve alliances.

MR. LAL KRISHAN ADAVANI Date of Birth : 08 November, 1927

Place of Birth : Hyderabad, Pakistan Birth Chart

Shri L.K. Advani completes his 80th and enters in the 81st year. As per my research Jupiter transit in Virgo whose Lord is with Mars and debilitated Sun. Year 2008 and 09 shows that the Native would gain back his lost ground. He may come in the fore-front. However, Saturn transiting in Leo with its depositor debilitated Sun does not promise the position of Prime Minister or likewise.