COSMOS 19/01/2011 Suman : Excise Regis Location might change to Plant Manufacturing are separate plant Tax include

excise and Sales tax Trader Purchase offset tax by neg tax in pricing condition Each GOOD RECEIPT GOT CENVAT INVOICE (MOTHER INVOICE) DEPOT -- stock MERCHANDIZE -- part cost

CIN ES PLANT are 2 type MANUFAC PLANT, DEPOT ( excise depot, non excise deport)

MANU PLANT RG23D... Other plants MFG PLANT -- 100 % -- 50 % -- 0 % ( non cenvat plant) EOU unit???/ Move from WIP to BSR BONDED STORE ROOM (BSR) -- RG1 ready for SALES (FG Sales from this storage locat ion) --Chapter ID -- Input - output -- Vendor - 100% 50% 0% -- Customer -Each chapter ID represent a % (10% and 8 %)

MATERIAL RAW MAT ASSET MATERIAL STORE (Consumble Material) Technical Material will be in diffrent plant.

Average PRICING PROC 4. RM.BILLING --. FOC Sales (TANN). STOCK TRANSFER .PGI --. Packing Materials. KIT Material (Sales BOM) (sold in combine). LUT.New PLant as Virtual Plant for Mov.DO --.7 ECC6 Eg RG23D registerNo (Depot excise based) TAXINJ Taxcode wherelse In condition based PO BASIC PRICE -------> MIRO 1 Customs COND -------> MIRO 2 (planned cost) OCTROI FRT Customer Master Region on Supply plant and Region on ship to determine ???? Ty[e of Sale Local Sales FG. MRP Based Materi al Exports Normal Exports (BOND.ADD INFO ( TYPE OF SALES LOCAL? RM ?. Rebate) Sample Exports SALES --..INVOICE APPROVAL Scrap sales in Cobalt. Preceious Metal.. MAR Based material. excise detail) ---.TM --. Service Material.

.DO --.ADDITIONAL INFO (TD) --.. RG23A RG23SH.Billing Doc --. Despatch Register State Wise Sales Tax Register Outstanding C form Statement Reports from HPH system for excise ..Invoice Approval (shipp ing costing) Tax PRD TAX (excise) ZICHAPTRATE Sales Tax (VAT) Region Code and Ship to party Others (Octroi involved with sales tax) OTHERS CT3 Ssystem FOC HPH download to text import to SAP TAX REPORTING Excise Register Reports ( RG23D.PGI ---.

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