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Photoshop CS5 Apple Script Ref

Photoshop CS5 Apple Script Ref

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Published by Julio Cesar Garcia

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Published by: Julio Cesar Garcia on Apr 30, 2012
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Options that may be supplied when applying a Sharpen Edges filter.

The sharpen edges class supplies properties for the filter options class. The sharpen edges class is
used only to define a record when using the filter command to apply a Sharpen Edges filter. sharpen
edges options can be supplied only in conjunction with the filter command. It is not possible to get or
create a sharpen edges object.

See the filter command for additional details.

The following code sample demonstrates how to apply the Sharpen Edges filter using the filter
command of the sharpen edges class (inherited from the filter options super class).

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS5"
filter current layer of the current document using sharpen edges

end tell

Adobe Photoshop CS5

AppleScript Scripting Reference

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