Nuyu Lin Self - Reflection Paper (Teams) 29Jan12

Productivity and performance inevitably improved. I enjoyed working in a team and take pride being a team member. From Day One. team working has been an essential part and a regulatory requirement of my work life. Overall. we were paired based on our technical expertise to complement one another and training opportunities. My work experience revolve around the manufacturing shop floor environment. The supervisor became aware of which individual has personalities to fit better as a pair in a bid to maximize the synergy of the buddy pair. stay on top of things. We relied on one another to get the job done.Self reflection paper for Organizational Behavior 1 Organization behavior is about the actions and attitudes of individuals and groups in a workplace and how it plays a role in affecting the organization’s function and performance. team leader and the rest of us. The true benefit of team work only surface as we got to know each other better regarding personality and technical abilities. and avoid or reduce conflict. approximately 1516 in total. diversity and communication. I am going to focus on the theme of teamwork with a little touch on leadership. which were the daily tasks assigned by the supervisor. motivation and most importantly safety. As technical abilities became more apparent. my team mates made the 12 . Each team had a supervisor. We had a common goal to achieve. Even though the job was routine and sometimes tedious.NUYU LIN .

A department town hall meeting was immediately set up as a platform for the employee to raise their grievance and the chance for management to ad- . different challenges arise. we anticipated negative reaction to this move. All that matter to us was that we were performing at high quality and it did not really matter if other teams were performing or not.Self reflection paper for Organizational Behavior 2 hour shift enjoyable and sometimes memorable. So when the new teams were announced. From this episode. When I was promoted to a team lead and then a supervisor.NUYU LIN . previously satisfied and happy employees started to become upset and frustrated. In response to business need. It came to a point where a particular team was becoming more senior and technically stronger as compared to other teams who were having newbies and less trained individuals. management decided to move people around to balance the quality and expertise of our work force. They were resistant to the change and reflected to the management that their team dynamics would be broken and productivity and performance will decline. As we knew our employees well. We learnt to take hits as a team and compete healthy amongst the pairs. I learnt that communication is a very powerful management tool. They lost sight of the business objective and personal development opportunities.

new teams formed. I also had the opportunities to work in a cross functional team. The objective was clear as it . As always. The newbies were learning and gaining knowledge at a much faster rate. My manager was concise and objective in his communication .it was a critical business need and everyone in the department had a shared responsibility to achieve our common goal. My team consist of 8 other coworkers from different departments. The senior employees liked to be in control and respected. They continued to look out for one another and this increased overall team efficacy and decreased the number of human errors and significant deviations. SAP was new to everyone. His message resonated with the employees.Self reflection paper for Organizational Behavior 3 dress it real time. the first step of change is always the most difficult. the entire department dynamics was improved. He also acknowledged the inconvenience created as a result of this business decision and pleaded for understanding and flexibility. By spreading the seniors who have formed close relationships in all the teams. Quickly.NUYU LIN . We had to introduce and implement SAP as an inventory business tool and I was selected to represent my department. The only SAP expert was our colleague from our San Francisco site. We had some teething problems when we first started up.

given the opportunity. Through team work. space and time. . the common entity was the success of our task.create. test and implement the SAP recipes within a certain time period. We were able to work better intra department and it became an advantage to the entire organization. communication will enable everyone to realize even though we are different. I get to know myself and my skills better. everyone on the team became good friends. The biggest take away of cross functional team is that everyone has a little more understanding of each other’s role in the organization. Allocation of roles was simple as each individual brought a different set of skills to the table. By the completion of the project. In this case. I appreciate the results of positive team dynamics .any type of team work as I always find the experience rewarding. As mentioned by Ms Maureen during a class activity. Team work enables me to broaden and deepen my abilities. Although there were times of minor conflicts because priorities and viewpoints were different. it was resolved through timely face to face interaction. Expertise knowledge was obtained and shared very quickly.improved efficacy and motivation.Self reflection paper for Organizational Behavior 4 was a site directive .NUYU LIN . I love to work in teams . there is always something common.

regardless whether it is people or skill related. Being exposed to management. We learn something new everyday working in an organization.NUYU LIN . .Self reflection paper for Organizational Behavior 5 Organizational behavior is such a broad and interesting subject. I have learnt to appreciate organizational behavior even more. No man is an island and we depend on each other for survival. friendship and motivation.

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