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Security eBook FINAL POSTED

Security eBook FINAL POSTED

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Published by: Tina Finelli on Apr 30, 2012
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Dive in now for ideas on how to securely harness the power of mobility. if you want to dig deeper. This will help you make better decisions about the wireless technologies that are best for your business. successful businesses will embrace the technologies that spur growth but also remain aware of potential risks and have a plan to deal with them. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 2 . it starts with understanding the many available security features and tools on the market. we offer links to many other sources of inspiration. Advances in technology and mobility come at us fast and furiously. in this guide you’ll find 15 practical tips. suggestions and ideas you can implement right now to help secure your business.Securing your mobile success it’s time to sToP thinking about security as a reason to say ‘no’ and sTArT thinking about it as a reason to say ‘yes’.

12. Kickstart a new iT risk Attitude » 15 wAys device. Protecting against emerging Threats » A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 3 . Get educated: learn from other businesses » 3. 9. 10. what’s your organization’s mobile security iQ? » 2. 7. i spy: monitoring your business from Afar » 15. securing the cloud » 14. 5. Discover built-in blackberry Defenses » beyond Pass-code lock: Keeping your iPhone and Data safe » is Android secure enough for business? » master mobile Device management » securing Personal Devices at work » Do you Know where Those Apps Go? » Hit the road Jack: mobile computing made safe » shut out Hackers: secure your wireless wi-Fi network » make network Downtime a Thing of the Past » emerging technology tiPs 13. 6.To secure your business Practical Business security advice 1. aPP & network tiPs 4. 8. 11.

• create a “wake-up call” for your leadership team on risks and priorities. • identify the greatest risks to your business and prioritize which to tackle first. are easy. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. Why It matters Assessing the security risk of the technology. Share the results with your staff to educate them on risks. processes and people that support your business is the first step in securing your business. Take the quiz. 3. self assessment tools. Find out For sure. share your scores. to help get buy-in for future security proposals. so why not start now? What It Can Do For your BusIness • Help you evaluate where your business stands and give you ideas on how to mitigate future risk. Find out how well your business is protecting personal information and how compliant you are with mandatory regulations with this self assessment tool from the office of the Privacy commissioner of canada. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 4 . Build awareness with your leadership team. 2. fast and typically free. identify security risks and monitor your ability to respond to threats in your computing environment with Microsoft’s Security Assessment Tool. including how you fared on existing security measures. like the ones to the right. you’ll find opportunity for improvement or reinforcement of what to keep doing.1 What’s Your Organization’s Mobile Security iQ? How does your business rank when it comes to proactive security? don’t assume your Business is secure. no matter what your score.

Be part of the conversation – security is a hot topic. Tech republic or cneT. deploying security processes and security tools to protect their business and gain a competitive edge. 3. Access a full list of free reports from security companies. learn from them in the latest security research. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. • Keep you focused on what matters – figure out where to focus your efforts and how to prioritize security initiatives. read free annual security reports – Take a look back at the past year and ahead to the threats we can expect. Why It matters smart companies are becoming more proactive about security. now is the time to reach out to your network of tech colleagues or attend a mobile tech security event for advice. What It Can Do For your BusIness • Fuel change – security best practices from other businesses can help motivate your leadership team to act now. publishing organizations and iT research businesses here. Get highlights from the 2010 cio security survey and practical mobile security tips with this webinar from iT world canada. 2. • secure your business faster with practical ideas from companies like yours.2 get educated: Learn from Other Businesses What are successful companies doing to protect their business? get security survey highlights and Practical moBile advice. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 5 . read this white paper for a realistic vision of how mobile security needs to be considered to help businesses grow Deep dive into security best practices with the 2012 Global state of information security survey® from Price waterhouse coopers. Subscribe to free ongoing security news e-blasts or blog posts – stay on top of the latest threats with expert advice from iT publishing companies like iT world canada.

it’s wise to consider making risk management everyone’s job. Why It matters Human error is the primary cause for security breaches in business today. Build a comprehensive communication plan that teaches employees about emerging threats. commit to ongoing risk management training. • Help your business be more proactive in new technology decisions. Add accountability for risk management to performance goals for everyone across the company. What It Can Do For your BusIness • significantly increase the level of security in your business. and best practices. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. Find out how to make risk management more personal in your business with this blog post. learn about what global iT managers and cios are doing to better mitigate risk with this Global risk study from ibm. 3. want more? Get tips on how to help employees understand data risk management here » A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 6 . • build a culture of security and responsibility. Make all employees risk managers. 2.3 Kickstart a new iT risk Attitude Your employees: responsible risk takers or data daredevils? Bring risk management out oF the it dePartment and into everyone’s joB. security policies. with the rest of the company thinking risk and security is iT’s responsibility. The lack of end-user training is a growing threat to iT security. yet most organizations provide little on-going security education to non-iT staff.

select security. Set a password policy with a minimum length of 5 characters and a maximum of 10 password tries before automatic device self wipe. rim has built a sound reputation on the strength of its security features. ® A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 7 . • manage multiple devices on rim’s stable and secure operating system. Why It matters over the last decade. but even the best software doesn’t protect against uninformed or negligent blackberry users. check out this webinar to find out more about blackberry built-in security tools. implementing a few quick and easy safeguards can go a long way in securing your devices and the information on them. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. click here to find out how to add a password to your smartphones. ® ® Get 5 tips from cio. 2. Go to the options menu on the device. This has much to do with business enterprise (bes) software. click here to find out how. encrypt data stored on your device and/or your microsD media card in four simple steps. 3. ® want more? check out the blackberry security knowledge base for a wealth of information on all aspects of security for blackberry devices.com to keep your blackberry smartphone safe here. • Protect your sensitive data no matter how it’s accessed.4 Discover Built-in BlackBerry Defenses Your BlackBerry smartphone is a security powerhouse. then security wipe. Wipe devices before they are passed on to another employee. Are you harnessing its power for good? get BlackBerry security tiPs and tricks straight From the Pros. it will ask you to type in BlackBerry to complete the wipe. ® What It Can Do For your BusIness • Protect against unwanted applications and malware.

to anti-malware or even alarms that protect your device from theft or loss.5 Beyond Pass-code Lock: Keeping Your iPhone and Data Safe Have you thought beyond the basics? learn how to keeP inFormation secure on Business iPhones. set up accounts. restrictions and encryption. security apps can add another layer of protection for business. Apple users can now keep their iPhones and the data they access safe. and configure devices quickly and remotely using iPhone 4’s console for mobile device management. ® ® Hear what Apple has to say about iPhone security in this on-demand webinar. Get help on setting up VPn here. Get informed: everything you want to know about Apple’s security features for iPhone here. click here to find out how. get a security app. • clear data and settings remotely in the event of loss or theft. Manage iPhone through the central console. from biometric security apps that authenticate users with the touch of a finger. ® 2. From exchange and remote wipe support. ® want more? Get more security tips on how to secure your data from Apple here. Why It matters Apple has polished the business features of its operating system with security that stretches well beyond pass-code locks. ® What It Can Do For your BusIness • Provide a layered approach to keeping your information secure with device policies. security and configuration to VPn options and encryption. Set up VPn access and teach your employees how to turn it on. so you can communicate private information securely over a public network. • Protect all data stored on devices with hardware encryption. set restrictions. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 8 . 3.

Stop saying ‘no’ to personal devices. Get 10 tips to turn Android into a business phone here. Google Apps Device Policy Administration can help you enforce policies and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices. Why It matters why should you care about Android ? employees are increasingly opting to bring their personal devices to work. Get advice on how to manage personal devices at work here. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. configure and perform frequent security updates with relatively little effort using auto-discovery features. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 9 . gives you the ability to manage and secure a good portion of these devices from one simple operating system. This is a critical part of managing the plethora of Android devices. use google apps to manage Android security policies. ™ Get informed: 5 things you should know about Android for business. so take the time to chose features wisely. ™ ™ 3.6 is Android Secure enough for Business? Did you know the latest Android devices are packed with better security features? get Better control and security over Personal and Business devices. check out this essential guide to Android at work for business users here. Adopt mobile device management (MDM). ™ ™ Get security advice straight from Android in this on-demand webinar webinar here. An informed iT department is the best way to ensure your business is secure. ™ What It Can Do For your BusIness • better control over personal and business mobile devices at work. The last thing you want is a rogue experience at your company. • set-up. ™ want more? learn 6 ways to protect your Google phone here. 2. Android . Get mDm advice here. Google’s operating system that powers many of the world’s smartphones. • Access to a universe of third-party security solution providers who can quickly custom build secure apps for your business on Android’s open platform.

ideally it should integrate with network access controls. regardless of their device. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. skip to page 70 for specific advice on device management tools. limiting or removing privileges where necessary. Prioritize mobile device security and management needs. not only can they help centralize the control. minimize the risk. Figure 6. but they can also minimize the time spent on maintenance. 3. Mean what you say: enforce policy. security controls. monitor device usage. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 10 . and more. This e-book is chock full of juicy discussions on the latest trends in mobility. and blocking insecure sites or networks. inventory management. Topics covered include mobile device management and app development. support all popular devices and cover the full life cycle of devices. Find out how mobile device management can benefit your business with this white paper from Juniper and enterprise strategy Group. How prepared are you to manage yours? mobile device management (mDm) tools are quickly becoming a must-have. • speed up device and software deployment and reduce downtime by diagnosing and fixing problems remotely.7 Master Mobile Device Management Are you managing mobile technology on the fly? centralize your control. Why It matters many businesses have a myriad of devices and operating systems accessing company data. 2. software licenses. • Quickly authenticate your staff. choose an integrated MDM solution instead of many individual tools. page 7 of Juniper’s whitepaper has a great list to get you started. security and costs of these devices. What It Can Do For your BusIness • manage assets. mobileiron and Trellia. check out these mDm players: Juniper.

tablets and laptops to the office for both personal and professional use. 7 questions you should answer before you implement byoD at your company. What It Can Do For your BusIness • Keep employees happy and productive while reducing cost of ownership for devices. retain control and visibility over all devices from a central platform. wall street Journal. some companies are moving to a shared-responsibility model. 2. many businesses have accepted this reality and are creating strategies that offer employees more freedom in exchange for a higher level of personal accountability. want more? Get tips from unisys on developing a byoD policy here. • support telecommuters and create a more flexible work environment • reduce unauthorized access to company data from staff-owned devices. Find out how your business can capitalize on byoD in this webcast and white paper from unisys. revisit reimbursed policies. stipends. using only sanctioned apps etc. Set clear expectations and policies.). and loans. implementing optional byoD policies and supporting them with grants. sybase. installing software that creates walls between corporate and personal data and enables data blocking or wiping. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. be clear about which personal mobile devices are allowed in the workplace and how you expect staff to keep these devices safe (managing passwords. invest in a mobile device management solution. 3. see how smart companies are letting employees use their personal gadgets to do their jobs.8 Securing Personal Devices at Work is it time for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for your business? give your team the tools they need to securely access corPorate data From Personal smartPhones or taBlets. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 11 . Why It matters Today’s workers are bringing their own personal smartphones.

make sure you know the full capabilities of these programs. if it sees something suspicious. Find out how mobile apps access personal data and explore security with this report from Lookout Security. quarantines and even remote wipes it. Did you know nearly one third of apps in major apps stores access users’ locations? And an increasing number also access contacts? make sure users know when to say ‘no’ to apps that are requesting this kind of information access. before inviting them in. create a pool of approved apps. Why It matters Apps can pack a lot of power into your pocket. pirated or repackaged applications from unofficial websites. Define app download policies and make sure users only download (and update) approved software. including apps as part of your regular mobile security check can help keep your business safe. including the amount of information they take from your employees’ devices. Say ‘no’ to app permissions. • ensure that apps on business-used devices are not accessing sensitive business data without your permission or knowledge. watch this video from No Panic Computing to learn how to change Facebook privacy settings to stop it from accessing employee information.9 Do You Know Where Those Apps go? got the latest must-have business app? How do you stop it from accessing off-limit data? make sure to include aPPs as Part oF your regular moBile security check. 2. 3. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 12 . use application access control software. What It Can Do For your BusIness • Prevent staff from unintentionally exposing your network and devices to viruses and hackers. • limit the downloading of malicious. not all apps are what they seem. These tools look at how your device is behaving and. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1.

passwords and encryption can protect your laptops and tablets here. encrypt Microsoft Word docs. What It Can Do For your BusIness • Help employees work safely from home or on the road. yet the increasing complexity of technology. why not enforce encryption? ® Get tips on how to make mobile computing safe in this on-demand webcast. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. connectivity. 3. encrypting a document is as simple as right clicking and selecting “encrypt”. Save or backup documents to a shared network drive or the cloud. Advise employees of simple do’s and don’ts. don’t fall for common phishing scams. Don’t leave it in a car. Protect your moBile devices and the inFormation they access From theFt. 2. whenever sensitive data is stored outside firewalls or accessed through wi-Fi and remote networks. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 13 . security and confidentiality creates unprecedented risk. Tip 2: learn how to identify phishing scams with this video from No Panic Computing here. mobile Computing Video tips from no Panic Computing Tip 1: learn how biometrics. do carry it in a backpack. not a hard drive. Tip 3: learn how to avoid a common security threat for windows XP here. Protect important files from computer crashes and laptop losses. • limit access to important data to the intended user. • Protect your business from theft of intellectual property or valuable devices. Why It matters your business is contained on your employees’ laptops.10 Hit the road Jack: Mobile computing Made Safe A few simple changes to the way you use mobile computers can go a long way in protecting your business. notebooks and tablets. it’s smart to take added security measures to minimize risk.

there are simple. it’s important to keep outsiders from accessing your wi-Fi network. • Give your mobile staff a secure way to access your network from public hotspots when travelling. invest in a virtual private network (VPn) so that mobile workers can securely connect to your network from public wi-Fi hotspots while on the road. hackers are increasingly focusing on small. low-effort things you can do now to improve network security. courtesy of Focus research. 7 considerations for your wireless network for you to think about. change wireless router default settings and stop broadcasting your network iD.11 Shut Out Hackers: Secure Your Wireless network Are you underestimating the security of your Wi-Fi network? hackers love to Penetrate networks. What It Can Do For your BusIness • Protect your network from disruption. Don’t hold off on protecting your network. 2. Viruses. click here for more information on VPn want more? click here for a quick lesson on wi-Fi security with this free online class from Hewlett-Packard. both in and out of the office. malware. move your router to the middle of the office and turn it off if not in use for long periods of time. interfere with supply chain activities and result in lost revenue. Fortunately. • Keep your business compliant with canadian privacy regulations such as PiPeDA.and medium-sized businesses. spyware? Get quick tips on working wirelessly. Why It matters To protect your business. make sure yours is secure. which can jeopardize confidential customer data. 3. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. Minimize signal leakage. click here to find out how. learn from cisco in this video: what are bots. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 14 .

12 Make network Downtime a Thing of the Past How much revenue do you lose during internet outages? What’s the impact to your reputation if your POS system goes down? keeP your Business uP and running when your Primary network goes down. • Keep your business running during disease outbreaks. Why It matters Downtime for critical systems can mean huge revenue and productivity losses and impact your reputation. Find out how much network downtime is really costing your business. inclement weather. 3. choose a back-up solution that includes network and carrier diversity. or natural disasters. backing up a main wireline connection with wireless network access from another carrier significantly reduces your vulnerability. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. it pays to have a back-up plan when your primary access to the internet goes down. self assessment tools can help you quantify how much downtime is costing your business so you can build the business case for a back-up network access solution. communications. How much is network downtime costing your business? Find out with our Point of sale roi calculator and see how much you save with a secure wireless back up plan in place. customer confidence and employee morale. What It Can Do For your BusIness • ensure continuous up-time for transactions. understanding which systems require 100% uptime is the first step in building a back-up plan. enterprise applications and other critical systems. wireless technology can help keep your business up and running. 2. Find out how blinds To Go addressed their need for a failover solution for their Pos systems. • Protect your reputation. see how critical network Access can help your business A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 15 . identify mission critical systems.

and disaster recovery plans. • expand what your company does and who you collaborate with. through the internet.13 Securing the cloud Are you considering putting services in the cloud? think aBout how to Protect your data BeFore you move it to the cloud. data storage and disposal. consider your risk tolerance and legal or compliance responsibilities. 2. check out this iT world canada white paper which examines canadian companies and who is moving to the cloud – as well as when and why. Get insights from Price waterhouse coopers on different cloud models and how to secure them in this white paper. com which covers the primary considerations to protect your most precious assets in the cloud. negotiate a strong service level agreement (slA) that covers roles and responsibilities. 3. the servers that store your data may be subject to the laws of another country. Get references. it’s a good idea to think about how to keep your data secure once it’s there. Why It matters cloud computing delivers on-demand. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. before you decide what data to move to the cloud. research their audit process. check out this webcast from www. Know where your data is living. Perform due diligence when choosing cloud suppliers. before moving aspects of your business to the cloud. scalable resources accessible from just about anywhere. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 16 . • Deliver on-demand self-service to employees without the risk. if your cloud provider is not based in your country or province. This could make your business noncompliant with local regulatory requirements or expose information to authorities in other jurisdictions. What It Can Do For your BusIness • Access the latest technology to stay agile and able to adapt to changing business environments and security threats.techrepublic. classify data based on how critical it is to your business.

• reduce theft: know where your inventory. connect your on-premise surveillance cameras to a mobile app to monitor you business from anywhere. using wirelessly connected devices. see how Highway Technical engineering services monitors its fleet and keeps mobile workers safe.14 i Spy: Monitoring Your Business from Afar M2M: How machines can help you keep an eye on your business. buildings or stores. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. install fleet tracking systems in your vehicles to better track your valuable assets. vehicles. explore how m2m can help you remotely monitor and secure your business. see how Pita Pit used video surveillance to reduce shrinkage here. sites. These services let you remotely monitor and protect your fleet. Tsunami solutions and mentor engineering. 3. Why It matters you’ve probably heard the term machine-to-machine (m2m) being tossed around with increasing frequency over the last year or two. remotely monitor and Protect staFF. assets and staff from your smartphone or tablet. Find out how Pita Pit used video surveillance to address an outbreak of inventory and cashier-related shrinkage at their stores. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 17 . Fleets and assets with wirelessly connected machines. Provide connected devices to field workers in hazardous conditions to monitor their safety. What It Can Do For your BusIness • secure multiple warehouses. • Keep remote workers safe and connected to security response teams. check out vendors like blackline GPs. 2. freight and assets are at all times. see how Highway Technical engineering services monitors its fleet and keeps mobile workers safe here.

learn about emerging threats and how they are impacting businesses here. phishing. shaping user behaviour and increasing governance for social network use is a smart choice. it’s smart to be aware of emerging threats and the ways to defend against them. Why It matters Although mobile malware is still in its early days. with social media malware on the rise. it’s important to make sure anti-malware software on all business mobile devices is updated regularly. and hear what small and medium sized businesses are doing to protect against emerging threats here. 3.15 Protecting Against emerging Threats What impact do social media networks. Get a view of what’s hitting the top 5 cybercrimes and scams today here. Get informed commentary on emerging trends in attacks. Prevent inadvertent or intentional exposure of sensitive business information by identifying critical content then tracking and blocking it from being moved. want more? learn about the social media sites. partners and staff in the security of their data. with the increasing speed of malware changes and distribution. keep informed and protect against the leaking of sensitive information to the public by employees. 2. 3 thInGs you Can Do noW 1. • increase the confidence of your customers. Prevent external scams delivered through social media sites or repackaged games or software. look ahead. and spam here. What It Can Do For your BusIness • Keep employees alert and prepared for the latest threats and educated on acceptable behaviour. • Keep networks and business devices safe from the latest cybercriminal threats. A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 18 . install anti-malware software regularly. create a policy to set expectations for social media users. consider data loss prevention tools. malicious code activity. online games or software have on security? keeP in mind that emerging threats can From Both within and outside oF your organization.

used under license from research in motion limited. This guide is filled with common sense (but often overlooked) things you can start doing today. rocket & mobius Design plus and related brands marks and logos are trade-marks of or used under license from rogers communications inc. or pick a few and build them into your security plan. And. rim and related names and logos are the property of research in motion limited and are registered and/or used in the u. because good security is key to winning your customer’s trust. so don’t delay.com. and countries around the world. All other brand names are trade-marks of their respective owners. Try putting one new security idea into action today. mobile devices actually have many built-in security advantages over their desktop predecessors. as seen in this guide.Are YOu reADY? STOP worrying. stop worrying. STArT now. or resources that can be accessed for free. blackberry®. ©2011 rogers communications A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR BUSINESS 19 . ™rogers. For more information on mobile security. there are many available device features that can simply be turned on. or an affiliate.rogersbizresources.s. email us now. or other communications challenges for business. or visit www. security should be a source of positive motivation. references to third-party advice and websites are made for your information only.

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