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JIM DID THE RIGHT THING; HOW ABOUT YOU JACK, MARION? 51st State for Obama Slate Highlights Evans-Barry Double Dipping
Washington, D.C. - Although few Democratic voters may know it, District of Columbia Democrats will elect 14 delegates plus one alternate to the Democratic National Convention this Saturday, March 3, 10:00am -2:00pm at the University of the District of Columbia auditorium, Building 46 East. Ninety-two local grassroots leaders and activists are competing for the 15 elected positions, having followed the rules established by the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee. What is particularly galling is that among those running are two Councilmembers: Jack Evans and Marion Barry (Jim Graham was also running but withdrew.). They may not be in violation of the rules, but the rules allow for the selection, in May, of several Councilmember delegates. Evans and Barry appear to hedging their bets by running AGAINST THEIR OWN CONSTITUENTS, while using the resources of their current positions. Evans and Barry are running in Congressional District 1, composed of Wards 1, 2, 6, and 8 in which only four slots for males are available. If both of these incumbent elected officials are elected Saturday, only two seats remain for the other 20 male candidates. Jack Evans and Marion Barry should withdraw as candidates, cease planning to bring busloads of supporters to vote for them, and not spend their vast resources to defeat candidates who are their own constituents. Short of that, all registered DC Democrats who see the injustice in this situation are urged to show up on Saturday, March 3, to vote for candidate slates or individual candidates who will represent the broad diversity of our city. These are the people who should be the foundation of a new image and reality for DC politics. Electing long-term incumbent politicians as delegates and representatives of DC at the Democratic National Convention goes against the spirit of the delegate selection process. [The best access to the University of the District of Columbia auditorium, Building 46 East is at Windom Place, one block north of the UDC-Van Ness Red Line Station on Connecticut, Ave., or Yuma St, using the walkway just west of the tennis courts. There is “come and go” voting 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.] ###

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