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Info Book Final

Info Book Final

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Welcome & Information Booklet


Wednesday & Thursday, May 23 & 24, 212 Cambridge, Massachusetts


m. Location of Events The maps on the back pages identify the locations for the Law School and University events.m.June 1 in WCC 11 between : a. May 24 (: a.m. 7: a. University staff members will be at Tercentenary Theatre and Harvard Yard to assist with questions about the University ceremonies.).m. May 23 (: a. Questions The Information Booth is a tent located conveniently outside of the Caspersen Student Center on the Harvard Law School Campus.m. It will be staffed Wednesday. COMMENCEMENT 212 HARVARD LAW SCHOOL Please note: The Harvard Law COOP will be collecting regalia May 24. 2 .m.) and Thursday.–: p.m.–7: p. On Wednesday. May 24.m.Welcome! We are delighted to have you join us at this celebration for the Class of 212. Tickets Tickets are required for a number of events.m. and : p. 2 and May 28 .–: p. Law School staff members wearing crimson shirts will be available around the Law School campus to assist with questions about the Class Day and Law School ceremonies. On Wednesday and Thursday. in between Holmes Field and Jarvis Field.m. Reserved tickets are available for pick-up by graduates in mid-May in the Dean of Students Office. tickets will be available at the Information Booth located outside of the Caspersen Student Center. May 23 and Thursday. Academic Regalia Caps and gowns that have been pre-ordered can be picked up on the Law School campus in WCC 11 from May 23 and 24 as follows: Wednesday Thursday : a.–: p.

Lost & Found Any lost items will be collected at the Information Booth.. 123 as well as The Pub and Harkness Commons South in the Caspersen Student Center. there is a taxi stand and a T Station (subway—Red Line) in Harvard Square. All other guests needing medical attention may visit the First Aid station located next to the Information Booth between the Caspersen Student Center and Hauser Hall. Questions should be directed to the University Parking Office at 617-4-3772 or parking@harvard. May 4. call 11. Parking & Transportation Parking during Commencement Week is extremely limited. directly across the street from Harvard Yard.First Aid If there is an emergency. Guests in need of transportation may call in advance to arrange a taxi. Following the ceremony.edu. Guests with Disabilities While accommodations for guests with disabilities have been made by advance arrangement. 3 .m.edu with questions or requests. Flowers Anyone who wishes to purchase flower bouquets on the Harvard Law School campus for a graduate will be able to do so on Thursday. If you are planning your travel times. we wish to ensure that all guests are able to enjoy the various events and will do our best to accommodate guests with disabilities who have not made arrangements. and the University Afternoon Exercises should end by : p. Commencement Day events should end by : p.harvard. 11.. Please call the Dean of Students Office at 617-4-188 or e-mail dos@law. note that the Class Day reception should end by : p. Guests with disabilities who wish to view Commencement events indoors may do so in Wasserstein Classrooms 11.edu.m. Ambassador Brattle Cambridge Cab Cambridge Checker Cab Yellow Cab 617-42-11 617-34- 617-47-1 617-42- In addition. the staff at the Information Booth can assist with all disability services. guests may inquire about lost items at the Dean of Students Office by phone at 617-4-188 or e-mail at dos@law. There will be a flower tent located behind Austin Hall on the path between the University Ceremony and the Law School Diploma Ceremony on Holmes Field.m.harvard. A taxi can meet you in front of the Wasserstein Hall (18 Massachusetts Avenue). On Class Day and Commencement Day.

All of the ceremonies are held outdoors. light snacks.com with any questions. We ask that guests who wish to photograph their graduate do so in a way that does not obstruct the view of other guests. Degree candidates will not be admitted to the University ceremony without their Harvard Law School ID. The Law School Class Day and Diploma Ceremonies will be live streamed through the Harvard Law School Commencement website: commencement.com and DVDs can be personalized with your choice of name and photo. the University ceremonies will be shown on local cable television (Comcast) Channel 283. The weather in Cambridge in May is unpredictable. A jacket and umbrella will come in handy.com.edu What to Wear Business casual attire is recommended for Commencement ceremonies and guests are advised to wear shoes appropriate for walking on grassy areas. GradMemory will produce a DVD of Harvard Law School’s Commencement and Class Day Ceremonies. 11. Refreshments The Pub Servery on the first floor of the Caspersen Student Center will be serving beverages. weather permitting. Televised Broadcasts & Webcasts The Harvard University Commencement Exercises and the Law School Ceremony are televised live in several Law School venues: Wasserstein Classrooms 11. 4 . and a limited selection of pre-made sandwiches and salads. so guests should plan for a range of temperatures and weather conditions. In addition.Photography & Videography GradImages will be photographing the Law School ceremony and will be taking three professional photos of the graduates as they receive their diplomas. 123 as well as The Pub and Harkness Commons South. Degree candidates must have their student IDs visible.law. They will be in contact with graduates after Commencement and can be reached by phone at 8-6-76 or by e-mail at service@gradimages. Security Guests will be screened for the University ceremonies and are strongly discouraged from bringing bags to the event because items will be searched.gradmemory. Contact GradMemory at -- or support@gradmemory. It is available to order at www.harvard.

Class Day Program (Holmes Field) Tickets are not required. The Commencement Class Day Speaker. Prize for Student Citizenship.m.m. the David Westfall Memorial Award for Student Citizenship. : p. A casual reception for degree candidates and their guests. Degree candidates will receive lanyards to hold their student IDs at this time. : a. Please note: The Pub Servery on the first floor of the Caspersen Student Center will be serving breakfast throughout the morning. United States Attorney General Eric Holder. HLS Sunrise Breakfast Tickets are not required. and the University Afternoon Exercises. 2012 : p. and the Dean’s Awards for Community Leadership will be presented. Class Day Reception (Jarvis Field) Tickets are not required.Class Day—May 23. during which President Faust and the Commencement Speaker. deliver their addresses. the William J. the Frank Righeimer. Jr. Fareed Zakaria. Dr. 6: a. the midday Law School luncheon and diploma ceremony where Law School Dean Martha Minow presents diplomas to each graduate.m. 5 . Please join us for a continental breakfast on Jarvis Field. 2012 Commencement at Harvard comprises three events: the ceremonial University Morning Exercises. will address the class. the Suzanne L. Commencement Day—May 24. during which Harvard President Drew Faust confers degrees. Class March with the Dean to Tercentenary Theatre Law School degree candidates will meet in front of the Caspersen Student Center to join Dean Martha Minow and the Class Marshals in a procession to Sever Gate on Quincy Street. The Sacks-Freund Teaching Award. Richardson Staff Recognition Award. Stuntz Award for Student Leadership.m.

m. The procession of the graduates into the Yard begins at : a. University Afternoon Exercises (Tercentenary Theatre) Tickets are required.harvard. LL.: a. Reserving tables or seats is prohibited. Guests will be screened.s. Please note: a limited number of lunches may be available for purchase for $ at the Information Booth.law. Graduates should arrange to meet their guests on the Law School campus.J.edu. Seats are available on a first-come first-served basis. Guests are encouraged to send one member of the party to collect the lunches.m.s (by section). Please note: a ticket allows admission into Tercentenary Theatre but does not guarantee a seat. : a. Guests should plan their arrival accordingly. Guests will be screened. All Law School guests enter the Tercentenary Theatre through Gate D. please proceed immediately to Holmes Field for the Law School ceremony. Each table can accommodate 10 guests during the ceremony and all seating is first-come. first-served. University Morning Exercises (Tercentenary Theatre) Tickets are required. Graduates in academic regalia with their ID displayed do not need a ticket. Guests are welcome to bring their own lunches to the ceremony as well.D. Guests with lunch tickets may pick up boxed lunches and beverages in the Lunch Tent at the back of Holmes Field. Degrees will be awarded in the following order: S. : p. Once the ceremony ends. Graduates may sit with their guests.m.M. University gates will open at : a. Law School Diploma Ceremony (Holmes Field) Tickets are not required to attend this ceremony but are required for lunch. and J.s. Additional Information Additional information about the day’s events and post-graduation matters can be found at commencement.m.m. Strollers are strongly discouraged and children are not allowed to process with a graduating parent.D. Enjoy the celebration! 6 .

m. 2012 : p.m. We encourage you to bring umbrellas if the weather looks threatening. as well as Austin Hall.) 7 . Tickets are not required for indoor viewing. we want you to know what to do in the event of rain. : p. and : p.m. Class March with the Dean to Tercentenary Theatre Graduates will assemble inside the tent on Jarvis Field. The University exercises will be televised in real time in several Law School venues. : a. Seating Milstein will be designated for degree candidates only. you will be notified by signs posted around the Law School campus and at the Information Booth.m. the broadcasts will begin when the speakers begin to address the graduates (at : a.Rain Plan May can be a rainy month in Cambridge. Commencement Day—May 24. Commencement staff will be around the campus to disseminate information. In the event of rain.m. & : p. If the Rain Plan is in effect. Pound Hall and Langdell Library classrooms. In the event of severe weather. : a. Class Day—May 23.m. While we hope that we do not have to use this rain program. the University ceremonies will remain outdoors but the Law School ceremony will move indoors as detailed below. Class Day Reception The Class Day Reception will be held inside the tent on Jarvis Field. While the processions begin at : a. You may also call 6-6-. we will distribute rain ponchos from the Information Booth and open the Law School classrooms for those who prefer to view a webcast of the ceremony indoors..m.m. University Morning & Afternoon Exercises (Tercentenary Theatre) The University Commencement Exercises will be held outdoors rain or shine.m. Class Day Program The Class Day Program will be moved to the Milstein East function space on the second floor of Wasserstein Hall. Guests will be able to watch the ceremony in the first and second floor classrooms of Wasserstein Hall. 2012 HLS Sunrise Breakfast The Sunrise Breakfast will be held under the Jarvis Tent rain or shine. and : p.

m. Milstein East Ceremony In the event that the Rain Plan is called. Guests of those candidates with tickets should proceed immediately to their assigned classrooms. Sections 1 through 7 graduates and guests should proceed immediately to their assigned classrooms and wait to be called to Milstein West. by section or degree. In the event of severe weather. Non-ticketed guests will be able to view the live webcast in the locations listed on page 8. 8 . Additional guests should proceed to the rooms listed on page 8. LLM & Section 1 graduates should proceed immediately to Milstein West to begin lining up for the ceremony. Guests will proceed to various rooms on the Law School campus designated for their degree or section (see chart on page 8). the Law School will hold one indoor ceremony (by degree and section): The ceremony will take place in the Milstein East function space on the second floor of Wasserstein Hall.: a. Graduates will receive two tickets for their guests to attend the live ceremony in Milstein. SJD. Commencement Staff will be assigned to each section to answer questions and ensure that people arrive at the designated locations at the appropriate time. to Milstein when called. Class Marshals. Lunch will be available for pick-up either at the Lunch tent on Holmes Field or in the Harkness Commons Servery on the second floor of the Caspersen Student Center— a decision will be made at the time and announced by Commencement Staff. Law School Diploma Ceremony The Law School Diploma Ceremony will be held outdoors unless the weather is severe. Those with tickets will move.

Austin Hall & Langdell Library Classrooms PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to sit somewhere other than a location designated for your section. it is impossible to go off-campus in the event of rain. Seating will be tight and access to the webcast will not be available in all locations. We will do everything we can to make the day as memorable and enjoyable as possible. The Pub. However.com/go-green 9 . Guests with Rain Plan tickets should plan to head to Milstein East once the prior ceremony ends. Scan to see how HLS Commencement has gone green. SECTION SJD & LLM JD Section 1 JD Section 2 JD Section 3 JD Section 4 JD Section  JD Section 6 JD Section 7 Overflow Seating LOCATION(S) Proceed directly to Milstein Proceed directly to Milstein Wasserstein 212 Wasserstein 2 Wasserstein 24 Wasserstein 123 Wasserstein 11 Wasserstein 11 Wasserstein study rooms.com/rain-plan hlscommencement. graduates should plan to line up in Milstein West as soon as the prior section begins to receive their degrees. ❧ We recognize that the rain program is an imperfect solution.Graduates and guests will be assigned to the following locations and when motioned by Commencement Staff. you may not hear the call for your section when it is time to proceed to the ceremony. Graduates and guests will eat lunch after the ceremony for their degree or section. graduates will move to Milstein West and their two ticketed guests to Milstein East. Scan to learn more about the rain plan. Given the time constraints of the University ceremonies. We will be streaming the ceremony in each location. You may also view a live webcast of the Class Day ceremony and the Law School Diploma Ceremony on the Law School’s Commencement webpage. hlscommencement. Harkness Commons.

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