A castle adventure

Once upon a time there was a time there was a girl called candy she had a friend called piquita she was a monkey it was 3 months and candy was 4 years old one day when they were playing hide and seek candy found a round thing which was a portal. Then the puqeta went bananas all because of the weird portal shape. piqeta decided to jump through and candy went after not knowing what might be at the other end of the portal. The portal closed up and they where in a middle of a candy castle in candy and monkey land. they found a person that looked like candy but it was very evil with a monkey like piqeta the monkey. They got pushed into a chocolate well with poison in it. A bucket was lowering down the well they pulled it down and the lord came down with it. They got a fright and woke the lord like a 3 year olds birthday party the lord screamed “WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR.” then a monkey fell down the well and the lord asked “why is there chocolate all over face the monkey answered “I was cleaning the chocolate moat.” then they made a human monkey ladder and they got out .They fell into a candy dung pile wich was different. a soldier came running and demand “GET OUT MY

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