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Condolence for Chut Wutty[1]

Condolence for Chut Wutty[1]

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Published by: khmerization on May 01, 2012
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Condolences from Cambodians-Australians in Sydney On the outrageous killing of Mr.

Chut Wutty On the 26 April 2012 at Seima District, Koh Kong province We, Cambodians-Australians in Sydney condemn in the strongest term the killing of Mr. Chut Wutty, President of the Natural Resource Conservation Group in Cambodia. We appeal to the Cambodian Government to conduct an independent and thorough investigation into this senseless killing to bring the perpetrator(s) and the mastermind to justice in the court of law. This is a great loss for Cambodia. It is tragic to see another outspoken voice has been abruptly silenced in the line of duty, a rare brave voice that Cambodia lacks and desperately in needs. Mr. Chut Wutty was an extraordinary exception in the environments that pervade by fear and greed, he worked under constant threats to his life but still he pushed on. In the words of his national and international colleagues, he was a rare environmentalist amongst the very few that dared to confront the illegal loggers. His investigative works on illegal logging have led to a life cut short by the greed of the few powerful. He was outspoken against land grabbing issue, and the dire poverty that the Cambodians endure. We hope his death would bring about a change in the attitude and awareness of the public at large to put pressure on the Cambodian Government to end the illegal loggings in the Cardamon mountain ranges and all over Cambodia to save what’s left for the future generations. The culture of impunity in Cambodia must end. The rule of law must prevail. In order for the Cambodian Government to come clean the investigation must be fully impartial, clean and transparent. As Cambodians-Australians in Sydney we are left to wonder who is actually running the country, the illegal loggers or the Cambodian Government, or are they the same group of people? We would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Chut Wutty and share the grief in this difficult time. Cambodians-Australians in Sydney

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