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32542033 the Rivera Reports

32542033 the Rivera Reports


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Published by Paul William Hoye

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Published by: Paul William Hoye on May 01, 2012
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On April 21, 1935, the New York Times magazine published a plan in which the states would
merge into new units called Federal Regions that would be controlled from Washington, DC. In
1959, Nelson Rockefeller called for an Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
(ACIR), which became a federally-funded Rockefeller think-tank within Congress to prepare a
working formula for the concept. The ACIR analyzed information produced by the Public
Administration Clearing House (also known as the “1313”) and translated it into legislation to
develop regional government, which would usurp the power of the local government. The
Clearing House, located at the Rockefeller-controlled University of Chicago, represented a
group of 26 private organizations which had been infiltrating local government agencies to usurp
their power and authority. Some of these organizations are: National Association of Counties,
National League of Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors, American Public Works Association,
Public Personnel Association, National Association of Attorney Generals, and the National
Governors Conference. Their purpose was to train and place a “new administrative class” in
every level of government, which would replace elected officials.

On March 27, 1969, as published in the Federal Register, under the direction of his Illuminati
advisers, President Nixon announced the “Restructuring of Government Service Systems,”
which called for the merging of states into eight federally-controlled regions.

An Executive Order, when decreed by the President, is printed in the Federal Register, and then
becomes law 15 days later. After Bill Clinton signed Executive Order #13083, Presidential Aide
Paul Begala was overheard saying: “Stroke of a pen, law of the land. Kinda cool.”

Executive Order #11647 was signed by Nixon on February 10, 1972, establishing Federal
Regional Councils for the “development of closer working relationships between major Federal
grant-making agencies of State and local government.” In each of the ten standard Federal
Regions, there was to be a council made up of the directors of the regional offices of: Dept. of
Labor; Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare; Dept. of Housing and Urban Development;


Secretarial Representative of the Dept. of Transportation; Office of Economic Opportunity;
Environmental Protection Agency; and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. The
President was to designate one member of each Council as the Chairman.

This Executive Order was unconstitutional because Article IV of the U.S. Constitution prohibited
the merging of the states, and guaranteed a government represented by elected officials.
However, regional government was accepted, because it brought with it, revenue-sharing funds.

Here is how the Ten Regions are organized (with the regional offices in parenthesis):

1) Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts (Boston), Connecticut, Rhode


2) New York (New York), New Jersey, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
3) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, District of


4) Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia (Atlanta), South
Carolina, Florida
5) Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois (Chicago), Indiana, Ohio
6) New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas (Dallas-Ft. Worth), Arkansas, Louisiana
7) Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas (Kansas City), Missouri
8) Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado (Denver)
9) Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, California (San Francisco), American Samoa, Guam, N.
Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Micronesia
10) Idaho, Washington (Seattle), Oregon, Alaska

In October, 1976, Jimmy Carter said before the National Association of Regional Councils
(NARC): “I believe that regional organizations should be strengthened. If elected President, I
intend first to upgrade the role of regional councils representing the federal government to assist
State and local officials, as well as private citizens, in dealing with federal agencies…I also
intend to encourage the development of regional councils representing State and local

Carter expanded the Federal Regional System on July 20, 1979, with Executive Order #12149,
to “provide a structure for interagency and intergovernmental cooperation…to establish practical
and appropriate liaison functions with State, tribal, regional and local officials.” Each of the Ten
Councils were made up of a representative from each of the following agencies: Dept. of the
Interior; Dept. of Agriculture; Dept. of Commerce; Dept. of Labor; Dept. of Health, Education,
and Welfare; Dept. of Housing and Urban Development; Dept. of Transportation; Dept. of
Energy; Environmental Protection Agency; Community Services Administration; Office of
Personnel Management; General Services Administration; ACTION (Peace Corp., VISTA,
senior citizen programs, and other special volunteer programs); Small Business Administration;
Federal Emergency Management Agency; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; and the Regional
Action Planning Commission. It included over 550 aid programs and block grants. The
Department of Education was added later, after it separated from the Dept. of Health, Education
and Welfare (which became the Dept. of Health and Human Services).

On the same day, he signed Executive Order #12148– “Federal Emergency Management,”
which created the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), an agency within the
Department of Justice, which oversees all of the federal agencies that have specific duties
during times of emergency, such as the Federal Disaster Assistance Agency, and the Federal


Emergency Broadcast System. It seems that only about 10% of its personnel are actually
involved in disaster assistance. Being that it has the capability to assume government control if
necessary, they have been given police powers which some researchers believe will be used as
the enforcement branch of the Regional Government. In other words– a national police force. Its
purpose was to merge every community’s police force, transferring control of them to a central
government. This was to be done through revenue-sharing funds providing special training
programs to the local police, special communications equipment, and other things. The National
Guard began receiving SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactical Team) training to be part of this
national police force. Located at the National Security Agency building in Fort Meade, MD, it has
been reported that FEMA has been actively engaged in developing a computer database, for
CAPS (Crisis Action Programs), to collect records on millions of Americans.

In addition to dividing the country into Ten Federal Regions, the government has also been
making plans for the establishment of a literal dictatorship, which among other things, will freeze
prices and wages, close the Stock Exchange, and regulate the amount of money you can
withdraw from your checking and savings account. The following Presidential Executive Orders
that you can see for yourself in the Federal Register, will accomplish this:

#10312 (12-10-51) Gives Government the power to take over all radio stations.

#10346 (04-17-52) All Federal Departments and Agencies are required to prepare
civil defense plans.

#10995 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over all communications and

#10997 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over all energy and power
sources such as electricity, petroleum and natural gas.

#10998 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over farms, farm machinery,
and food sources; including production, manufacturing, processing, distribution, and

#10999 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over all modes of
transportation, seaports, highways, etc.

#11000 (02-16-62) Gives Government the authority to mobilize citizens into work
forces under Government supervision.

#11001 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over all health, welfare and
educational functions.

#11002 (02-16-62) The Postmaster General will be responsible for registering all

#11003 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over all airports and aircraft.

#11004 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over housing and financial
institutions, to relocate communities, to erect new housing with public funds, to


declare areas to be abandoned because they are unsafe, and to establish new
locations for the population.

#11005 (02-16-62) Gives Government the power to take over all railroads, inland
waterways, and public storage facilities.

#11051 (09-27-62) Authorization for these Executives Orders to be put into effect
during times of international, economic, or financial crisis, and for the Office of
Emergency Planning to carry them out.

#11310 (10-11-66) Gives Government the power to use all prisons to administer
medical treatment, for mass feeding, and housing.

#11490 (10-28-69) was amended by President Richard M. Nixon with the 36-page
Executive Order #11921 (6-11-76), which consolidated the following Executive
Orders: #10312, #10346, #10997–#11005, #11087–#11095, and #11310. It assigned
emergency preparedness functions to most Federal Departments and Agencies to
assure the “continuity of the Federal Government.”

Executive Order #12919, "National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness," was signed by
President Bill Clinton on June 3, 1994, and delegated authorities, responsibilities and allocations
of FEMAs Executive Orders for the confiscation of all property from the American people, and
their re-location and assignment to 'labor' camps. This Executive Order also superseded or
revoked eleven previous Executive Orders (from 1939 through 1991) and amended Executive
Order 10789 and 11790. This Executive Order will mandate the complete suspension of the
United States Constitution, all rights and all liberties, as they are now known, during "any
national security emergency situation that might confront the government."

Here's something else to think about.

Phil Schneider, in his presentation on the Deep Underground Military Bases, revealed
information that he was given by a man in Portland, Oregon, who worked at Gunderson Steel
Fabrication, where they make railroad cars. He said they were going to start "building prison
cars." Gunderson, he said, had received a $2 billion contract with the Federal Government to
build 107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles. There were 11 sub-
contractors in this giant project, including Bethlehem Steel and other steel companies. The man
even showed Schneider one of the cars in the rail yards in northern Portland.


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