1) Oriental Insurance and Long Reach insured players of which event for a whopping 500-650 crores?

A) IPL 2) Which Indian company sold it pharma division to Singapore based Frensius Kabi? A) Dabur 4) Which Italian coffee giant is entering India with Narang Group? A) Illys 5) “The signature pen” A) Sheaffer 6) Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd designed the logo of which major event in 2010? A) CommonWealth Games 7) Harmony, Ghazal, Southern, Aishwarya, Sushmita are the brand of diamonds from which group? A) Gitanjali 8) Which children book publisher is partnering with Kuwait based Teshkeel Media Group to license its award winning comic book series, The 99? A) Chandamama 9) Which Insurance giant started a special initiative christened as Sunehre Sapne to educate rural farmers on the need for financial planning and insurance? A) MetLife 10) This company mainly known for its pain relief division is coming up with new spas under the name of “Osmosys” A) Amritanjan 11) Pic of Vineeta Bali 12) Which company launched a new product called Bref? A) Henkel

13) British Journal founded by Joseph Norman Lockyer is set to enter Indian market. Peterson is a word play on the founders names? A) Blackstone 18) Which company calls its employees as corporate assets? A) Infosys 19) Lachlan Murdoch and Emerging Media owns which IPL team? A) Rajasthan Royals 20) Hula Hoop was designed by which Toy manyfacturing company? A) Vamo 21) S-2 is a production house from which bollywood celebrity? A) Shilpa Shetty 22) „One World. One Dream‟ a major event in 2008 A) Beijing Olympics 23) Radio Mirchi owned by which company? A) ENIL (Entertainment Networks India limited) . He is also credited with discovery of Helium A) Nature 14) Which Australian publication house is set enter India. „The Thorn Tree‟? A) Lonely Planets 15) Which entertainment company owns Home Depot A) Ashyuts 16) Logo of JK Tyre 17) Which Private equity firm founded by Stephen A Schwarzman and Peter G.

were the only two people to have listen to Bhagavad Gita directly from Lord Krishna? Ans:Sanjaya and Hanuman(who‟s on Arjuna s flag) 11.MISCALLENEOUS : 1.Video-From a movie where a man‟s eating a carrot and is talking to a woman.Audio-Identify the artist and the instrument Ans:(dont rem the artist s name right). Its present name.Instrument Balalaika 10.Rajyavardhan Rathore and Manavjit Singh Sandhu) 2.What is the name given to a a tomb or monument erected in honor of a person or group of persons whose remains are elsewhere? (clue: it‟s the name of a road in Chennai) Ans:Cenotaph 6.Who.Which country? Ans:Zimbabwe 5.Barack Obama reading from his book” Dreams from my father” 9.Which two countries apart from India celebrate their Independence Day on August 15th? Ans:Bahrain and South Korea 3. in Shona language means ” “great houses of stone”.Audio-Kuselan‟s theme music 8.What object would u find on the top of the Wimbledon Men‟s singles trophy? .apart from Arjuna.Audio.The religious heads of a religion get their name because they “act as a “ford” across the “river of human misery”. What was inspired from this? Ans: Bugs Bunny 7.Anjali Bhagwat.Sportspersons from which sport have been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award the maximum number of times-four? Ans:Shooting(Abhinav Bindra.”? Ans:The Tirthankaras of Jainism 4. This African country had its name changed to its present one …after its independence.

Ans:A pineapple 12.Which animal was used as the mascot (if that‟s the right word) for this project? Ans: The lion-tailed Macaque 22. is now facing demolition? .Kindle 19.containing literature concerning the previous births of Buddha? Ans:The Jatakas 18.Pic of Amazon s ebook reader….James Conolly was the first ever Olympic Gold medallist.In Buddhism.Pic of the Red Panda . but she did not know where to find one.Which website labels its movie reviews as “Certified Fresh”? Ans:rottentomatoes..Which 94-year building in Chennai was used by Annie Besant . Scott Fahlman of the US.For which discipline did he get the gold? Ans:Triple Jump 17.Idenify the child artist Ans:Imran Khan 23.what are included in the included in the Khuddaka Nikaya of the Sutta Pitaka.created which highly popular internet phenomenon? Ans:The first smiley emoticon 15. there was a project to save the Silent Valley in Kerala.Video…Connect Pirates of the Caribbean with Haunted House Ans:Both are rides in Disneyland 21.also called Firefox 20.Which modern word owes its origin from the Latin term for mask or character? (Other etymological details were given…but this is all I could recollect)? Ans:Persona 16.com 14.In 1987.”?? Ans:Thumbelina 13.Video from Qayamat se Qayamat Tak.in September 1982.Which Hans Christian Andersen tale begins thus: “There once was a woman who wanted so very much to have a tiny little child.

when it turned out that people who had traveled long distances by airplane were at an increased risk for thrombosis.What syndrome was first observed in the 1980s.In Geometry. thus becoming the first ever detective novel to do so? Ans: The Hound of Baskervilles 25.Which novel in 1902 rose to the top of the Bestseller lists.Antrix Corp is the marketing arm of which Indian organization? Ans:ISRO(Antrix comes from the Sanskrit root “Antariksh” which means “Space”) 30.Ans: Gokhale Hall 24.What weapon.the world carrom champ 33.was first written about in the novel “Daring Adventures in Elephant Land”? Ans: TASER(Tom A Swift‟s Electric Rifle) .Which other team. used in the future in Armies.was inspired by whom? Ans:Joan of Arc 27. a style which was created in 1909 by a hairdresser named Antoine.apart from Manchester United.What was it? Ans:Sam „Bahadur‟(he served the Gurkha regiment) 31.Pic of Ilavazhagi.what is the name given to an egg-shaped figure? Ans:Oval(ovum in latin means egg….Arsenal and Chelsea has won the English Premier League? Ans:Blackburn Rovers 28. when any Catholic in the town was stoned to death? Ans: St.Who was declared the patron saint of Delhi in 1857.Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw‟s nickname came because of the regiment he served over a long period of time.ellipse was what mot people guessed!) 32. pulmonary embolism? Ans:Economy Class Syndrome 29.Stephen 26.The bob cut.. especially deep venous thrombosis and its main complication.

Vinobha Bhave described which period in Indian History as Anushasan Parva or “Time for Discipline”? Ans: The Emergency period in 1975 .What word gets its origin from France.What geographical feature is the Shiv Ling at Amarnath an example of? Ans:Stalagmite 38. which stood for “Off Beat” in the British Army 39.meaning “to avoid doing work” gets its origins from the British Army where retired officials where called so? Ans: OB (adikkaradhu)…gets its origin from OB .35.Which Tamil word.where it was “used to describe anything which brought luck to a household”?(again…couldn‟t recollect the minute ety details from the quiz) Ans:Mascot 36.

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