join front & rear patterns at A-A1


Front Fuse Side X = strut attachment
rear peg location (1/8 dowel) balance point 18 mm from leading edge
secure w/ screw

fuse cross-pieces 1/16 square balsa four (4)

1/32 ply reinforcement drill small hole; silicone glue

1/32 ply gear leg reinforcement


A Rear Fuse Side



F1 F3
(1/16 in)

(1/16 in)


cross-grain sheeting from F1 to F2 turn spinner from balsa block

F1 (1/8 in) F2
(1/16 in) formers wood grain

balsa thickness = 1/32 in unless noted

Pilatus Porter

Copyright©2005 RC Airplane Advisor

ply plate


03. C = US.02 10:48:34 -08'00' Copyright©2005 RC Airplane Advisor . or wrap and solder Pilatus Porter RC Airplane Advisor Digitally signed by RC Airplane Advisor DN: CN = RC Airplane Advisor. then solder 1. O = RC Airplane Advisor. OU = Plans Department Reason: I am the author of this document Date: 2005. 2 4 3 end-piece wood grain 4 1/8 in Wheel retainers: heat-shrink tube.Right Horizontal Stab Rt Elevator Half Wing Ribs glue join elevator halves with 1/32 wire 15mm gap 1 glue & tape actual pattern of 3 2 1/32" wire front view of 3 Wrap with copper wire.

Wing Rib Locations end-piece wood grain Vertical Stab and Rudder Assembly X = Strut Location Dihedral = 1" each wing tip Right Wing Left Wing Pilatus Porter Copyright©2005 RC Airplane Advisor .

or paper (c) Glass bead Notes: 1) Balsa thickness = 1/32 in unless noted. front view: 1/16 in shim: downthrust front plate (1/16 in) shim back piece (2 x 1/8 in) Wing Struts (1/16 in) Side View: 1/32 wire hook Bearing cut from Guillows "Sleek Streak" prop drill block. glue bearing Windshield pattern Options: (b) Aluminum tube Use thin plastic sheet. 2) Power = One 12-inch loop of 1/8 in rubber 3) Prop = 4 in plastic (from Guillows "Sleek Streak" or similar) 4) Horizontal stab 2 degrees negative incidence relative to wing 5) Center of gravity 18mm from leading edge of wing 6) Hinge control surfaces with copper wire and CA glue 7) Wood grain lengthwise with piece unless noted 8) Dihedral = 1 in each wingtip 9) red = part pattern to cut.Nose Plug. blue = reference marks Bearing from Peck Polymers Pilatus Porter Copyright©2005 RC Airplane Advisor . Prototype used Sig contest balsa (4-6lb) for 1/32 sheet.

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