Character Movement Planning

Alan's Movement Alan's movements is very minimal. It suggests that he has a reluctancy to become active, as Carl is always alert on his feet whereas Alan even sits down during the film. It additionally suggests fear within him, as he does not leave the house at any point- this could be considered smart or a hindrance in a zombie apocalypse as it suggests he wants to stand firm in his home to defend, but also that he may be frightened to face the harsh reality.

The Zombies Movement
The Zombies Movement mimics Carl's as he follows him all the way to Alan's. His movements track him exactly, which shows the bloodthirsty nature of the Zombie as he

is relentless to attack Carl- even when outnumbered at Alan's house, he still seeks what he desires.

Carl's Movement
Carl's movement is predominantly from his house to Alan's. However, once aware of the Zombie pursuing him, he becomes cornered- making him take unnecessary steps. Rather than returning home, he goes to Alan's in order to receive support from his friend...either that or face the zombie alone at his own house, however his spontaneity allows him to make the correct decision.

Camera Movement
The camera appears mainly in two areas of the street, at the top and at Alan's house. This allows us to see that these are the most significant parts of the scene- as we initially see the zombie and the zombie is confronted again at Alan's home. The camera is situated mainly in these two areas as we wanted to explore these two moments in greater depth due to their importance to the storyline.

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