Sudhakar Vaddi

C/O. R.Mohan Singh, D.No: 7-1-632/36, S.R Nagar, Hyderabad 500038.

Phone: +91-9666588996; E-Mail:

Seeking challenging assignments for a career encompassing professional & personal advancement •

Having 2.8 years of Experience in IT industry and 2.6 years relevant exp in SSIS and SQL SERVER Business Application Software Development, involved in Design and Implementation.

• •

Having 1.6 years relevant experience in SSRS.
Skilled at Development of Mappings according to the ETL Specifications.

• • •

Extensive knowledge on Data warehousing concepts. Having Domain Knowledge on Banking, Insurance and Sales. Proficiency at Data Transformations, Tasks, Containers, Sources and Destinations like Derived Column, Conditional Split, Union all, Merge, Lookup and Merge Join Transformations to load data into Data Warehouse.

• • •

Having good knowledge over creation of cubes. In-depth Technical Knowledge on Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools like SQL Server 2005/08 Integration Services and SQL Server 2005/08 Reporting Services. Extensive knowledge on SQL Server 2005/08.

WORK EXPERIENCE: • • Working as a Software Engineer in Value Labs, Hyderabad from March 2011 to till date. Worked as a Software Engineer in VibcysIT Solutions, Bangalore from July 2009 to Feb 2011.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: • • • • Databases ETL Tools Reporting Tools Operating Systems : : : : SQL Server 2005/08 SQL Server 2005/08 Integration Services SQL Server 2005/08 Reporting Services Windows 98/Xp.

Data Conversion.    .  Used Control Flow Tasks like For Loop Container. We are extracting the data monthly from Denske Bank branches throughout Denmark by using Denske Bank Acquisition Gateway.  Created Event Handlers for the Packages Using Event Handler Tab. The main aim of this project is to develop a Data warehouse for Denske Bank in order to maintain the customer details throughout Denmark and also to maintain some financial services (Denske Finance. Extensively used Derive Column. Email Task and Data Flow Task.transform the data by using transformations and loading into Denske Bank Data Warehouse. Working with Sql Server Job scheduling to execute Integration Services packages and to send reports to the client. Windows XP : March 2011 to till date Project Exposure: Denske Bank is one of the largest banking corporations in Denmark and providing services throughout Denmark and having lot of branches throughout Denmark. Sqlserver 2008.Project summary: Project #3: Project Client Role Platform & Skills Duration : Denske Bank : Denske Bank. Transformation and Loading from source to target system using Sql Server 2008 Integration Services. Responsibilities:  Extensively working in data Extraction. Execute Sql Task.  Created Transformations and Mappings using Data Flow Tasks. Look up. Involved Package Deployment. For Each Loop Container. Conditional Split and Merge Join Transformations. Denmark : SSIS Developer : SSIS. Denske Millionaire) that are running by the Denske Bank.

Responsibilities:    Created Transformations using Data Flow Tasks. Script Task. USA : Developer : Windows 2003 server. Supplier Portal is an application where all the commodity management system reports such as Inventory. Rendering Reports in the form of Pdf. For Each Loop Container. Usage. These reports are developed using SQL Server Reporting Services. Table and Chart using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Generated the Reports Weekly and Monthly wise as per the Client Requirements. Send mail Task and Data Flow Task.     . Data Conversion. USA.. Conditional Split and Aggregate. Michigan. Data from different sources are downloaded from different plants in different formats are loaded to SQL Server Data Warehouse using SQL Server Integration packages. Row Count. Extensively used Derived Column. Developed Reports in the form of Matrix. Created Event Handlers for the Packages Using Event Handler Tab. Excel. Orders information etc. SSRS. It has Management contract to provide IT enables services to its 23 plants in USA and Canada.Project #2: Project Client Role Platform & Skills Duration : ARM : Arvin Meritor. This data is displayed in different reports on client requirement basis. Sqlserver 2008. : May 2010 to Feb 2011 Project Exposure: Arvin Meritor is a Tier1 Automotive Company based in Troy. can be viewed on a single platform. Used Control Flow Tasks like For Loop Container. SSIS. Csv and Word formats.Execute SQL Task.

Bhutan. This information is being used by a group of business analysts and senior managerial personnel. Generated the Reports Weekly and Monthly basis as per the Client Requirements. SSRS). and Singapore. Sql server 2005. As per the client requirements. rendering the Reports in the form PDF. Table and Chart Using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. Responsibilities:   Involved in the ETL phase of the project. This project deals with the distribution of historical sales. customers and financial centers on daily basis. The end users for analyzing the sales of the PES Engineering use the Data Mart. Nepal. Creation of packages depends on client requirement using SQL Server Integration Services & SQL Server 2008 Working with Sql Server Job scheduling to execute Integration Services packages and to send reports to the client. Sql server integration services was used as an ETL tool for extracting the Data from various sources running on Flat files and load into Sql server Data Warehouse. Excel and CSV formats. Windows XP : Sep 2009 to April 2010 Project Exposure: PES Engineering is one of the manufacturing and constructing company in India.     . financial and marketing data to brokers. As per requirements developed the reports in the form of Matrix.Project #1: Project Client Role Platform & Skills Duration : Sales Data Mart : PES Engineering : Developer : MS BI (SSIS.

75% PERSONAL PROFILE: Date of Birth Sex Marital status Languages Known Nationality : 03/06/1984 : Male : Single : English and Telugu : Indian DELCARETION: I hereby declare that all the above mentioned information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Secured 60% HSC. (Sudhakar. 2005. 2000. From Kakatiya Jr College. From SVJ School. Secured 76. 2009.ACADEMIA: MCA. From Govt Arts College. Secured 82.75% BSc (MPCs). 2002.V) . Secured 66.30% SSC. From GITAM Engineering College.

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