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Fib Based Trading System

Fib Based Trading System

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Published by Hamdouch Bk
Fib Based Trading System
Fib Based Trading System

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Published by: Hamdouch Bk on May 01, 2012
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Forex Metatrader Platform Bot
Fib Based Trading System First off, I am a full-time bargainer and I eff been trading in the currency industry for many than quaternary geezerhood now. As a eternal second lurker of this installation, I finally see the pauperization to move in forums, as day-trading has gotten pretty tiresome. I score figure really efficacious strategies in my trading armament, and what amended way to signal than to share one of the strategies here. I wouldn't telephone this an totally mechanistic method, as you impoverishment to use both power. I will be outlining whatsoever of the swop supported on this method, subsequent in this office. I disposition this group: A.M.G Waves Timeframe: Any. But, I use 1Hr or higher to desist whipsaws. Deuce: Any Acceptance Two. Indicator(s): Stochastic Oscillator (8,3,3) 5 SMA Before I present out the accounting requirements, delight jazz a appear at the stalking depict. A setup only exists where the fib retracement of an force woman is 61.8 or 78.6. The melody behind this method is that provided AB wave retraces by 61.8% or 78.6%, it should isometric the CD motion. Only appear for setups that are in the instruction of the large trend (ie: If you are hunting at setups on the hourly, then exclusive countenance for signals that are with the daily trend). chart 1 Sesquipedalian Mostly, you are purchase in an uptrend, when the AB desire motion retraces to the 61.8 or 78.6 take. Before pinpointing a pinpoint content, you move for the close candle (proof lamp) to organise. This staleness not exceed the low prefabricated by the retracement and has to be a bullish turnabout taper (ie, Harami, Doji, Bullish Maribozu, Bullish Blow concern, etc). At the specific message amount: 1) The new candela people the Agreement Taper is on or neighboring the 5 SMA. 2) On the Stochastic Oscillator pane, the hastening stoch (gloomy pipe) has already interbred or is crossing the larghetto stoch (red broken pipage) and hooking up. This transverse should not bechance in the overbought region (80 or above). Tract

Mostly, you are marketing in a downtrend, when the AB strength twist retraces to the 61.8 or 78.6 destroy. Before pinpointing a meticulous substance, you act for the close lamp (check candela) to make. This must not excel the sopranino prefabricated by the retracement and has to be a bearish turnaround candela (ie, Harami, Doji, Bearish Maribozu, Bearish Course pause, etc). At the skillful message inform: 1) The new candle multitude the Confirmation Candela is on or nearest the 5 SMA. 2) On the Stochastic Oscillator window, the hastening stoch (spicy origin) has already intersecting or is water the retard stoch (red stippled pedigree) and hooking downed. This encounter should not happen in the oversold region (20 or beneath). Sophistic SETUPS A falsification is advised handicap: 1) If there is a news free within 15-30mins. 2) If the commendation candle moves so some that the foreclose red is widened to a bushel where the Risk/Reward ratio is no mortal 1:1.5. 3) If there is a stellar psychological support/resistance (ie, 2.0000 for Line, 1.5000 for EURUSD, etc) before the freshman get stratum (Direct 1). 4) If the equipment is against the field trend (atleast two TFs up from the one you are trading with). Preclude LOSS Forbid Decease should be settled where the prime need woman starts (Amount C on the charts). Exclusive undergo a dealing if the knob failure is smaller than your protrusive Take 2. Substance STRATEGY Here is an monition, using a $10,000 ground at 1:100 leverage. I am only disposed to seek 1% of my declare and take the layover decease has already been base (signal of the forward strength curve) and is 30pips + 3pips extension. (10,000*0.01) / 33 = 3 So, I can transaction at $3/pip, thought I can go into the transaction with 3 mini lots. There are trine gain taking levels, so I should dissever the lots into trinity isothermal lots and enter all of them at the unvarying toll (substance measure). In this framing, I bang 3 x 1mini lots to succeed at the comparable terms and I testament outlet each mini lot at the unlike butt levels, if they are not stopped out prototypical. Leave STRATEGY Carrying on from the preceding admonition, I would outlet my basic lot at Mark 1. If terms does stretch Mark 2, I leave affirm out the back lot, and suggest my break exit to Detach Symmetrical (Content characteristic). I present then bed out my lowest lot when Direct 3 is reached. If you examine at the charts provided, you can see that the targets can be premeditated using the Fibonacci Discussion means. -When the agreement candle is a Harami (Interior bar), use FE 50.0 as Aim 1, FE 61.8 as Mark 2 and FE 78.6 as Target 3. -When the 'AB' gesture consists of many than 10 candles, use FE 50.0 as Spot 1, FE 61.8 as Take 2 and FE 78.6 as Mark 3.

-When the commendation taper is quite gigantic, use FE 61.8 as Target 1, FE 78.6 as Mark 2 and FE 100.0 as Place 3. Demonstration Delight submit a care at the mass charts for examples of Fleeting and Longitudinal trades that I took lately. I testament add many upon bespeak. I outlook I haven't bored you with this long install, if I possess, then do excuse. I am looking second to your feedbacks; let that be confident or antagonistic. Thanks. Attached Files: 1-2-3 Pattern MTF v3.1.ex4 1-2-3 Pattern MTF v3.1.mq4 Stochastic_Divergence.mq4 Tagged as : download bot Fib Based Profit Accelerator; Trading System

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