FAIRY PRINCSS CAMP (AGES 3-5 ISH) JUNE 25-28 (mon-thurs) 9 AM TO NOON Every day a different Princess!!! Crafts- make a tiara- wand- wings- fairy dust!! Stories read- and dances learned (of course)!! Performance at the end of class on Thursday for all to enjoy! ROCK STAR CAMP!!! IMPOWER THE 7-10 YR OLD WOMAN IN YOU!! (ages 7-10ish—haha—no Mommies!- unless you want to pay for it!) AUGUST 6-9 (mon- thurs) 9 AM TO NOON Different dance styles every day!!! Specialized hair and make up day too!!!! (Bring your own cosmetics if allergy sensitive!!!!) CAMP PRICE EACH $120 PER PERSON. (minimum of 5 to have camp “go”) registration required 2 weeks prior to start date, refunds if it isn’t a “go” by the two week cut off- yes SUMMER CLASS CARDS—(same $ as last yr, and yr before..!!) (4 CLASSES: $65)- (8 CLASSES: $104)- (12 CLASSES: $144) Purchase a class card- use it per class- and credits go toward fall tuition- but no refunds—credits do not disappear!! Use Them! Happy Summer!!! Kim

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