By Saumya singh PGDM 4th sem

Tests available are: Alphabetizing and Filling Designed to measure the ability to store retrieve files in alphabetical order. Grammar & punctuations Measures grammar. punctuations ability & skills to do correspondence.CLERICAL ABILITY TEST GENERAL DESCRIPTION The test in this clerical ability test series each comes in package of 20 and include all necessary scoring material. . Coding Ability to code the numbers & symbols according to a simple formula. Attention to detail ability to recognize likenesses and differences rapidly & accurately Bookkeeping Measures the ability to handle the some of the materials & problems with which an experienced bookkeeper deals.

Verbal fluency Vocabulary Spelling . Mechanical Comprehension measure the ability to perceive & understand the Relation of physical forces & mechanical elements in practical situations.Manual dexterity Measure aptitude for fine & gross muscle control and coordination of eye & hand. Problem solving ability Numerical skills Receptionist skills including Telephone etiquettes.

MECHANICAL ABILITY TEST  The Mechanical Ability Test provides an objective measure of an individual's knowledge of general mechanical concepts such as:       Use of tools Reading rulers and gauges Proper lifting techniques Mechanical movements Assembly Electrical concepts  30 questions. 10 minutes to complete test  Ideal for identifying applicants who possess the knowledge to perform maintenance and/or mechanical duties .

MENTAL ABILITY TEST               Alphabetical Test Coding–Decoding Test Spotting out the Dissimilar Analogy Test Series Completion Test Arranging in Order Direction Sense Test Number Test and Time Sequence Test Deductive Logic Blood Relation Test Assigning Artificial Value to Arithmetical Signs Assumption Type Test Most Essential Component and Venn Diagram Statement and Arguments .

Find the missing figure . Following figures are in a serial . 1.

Find the missing number  a) 6 b) 8 c) 7 b) 9 . 3.

T.. I ... Find the next letters of the following series O . F. T .. a) S N b) SE c) S T d ) SO . E .. Find the odd man out A.... 4.. F . U a) A b) E c) I d) None of the above  5 Find the odd man out a) Cut b) Put c) Nut d) But  6..O ... . S .

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