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PouLSBO. SXINE. . O. B.AN ODE xo The Land of the BY Vikings XHOS. S. Wash.

Seattle. RiCB. . Sullivan Building. O. Western Printing Co.Copyright BY 1897 A.

friends it was sent may not be good.preface. composed in haste. moments of the brief who makes his first appearance on the literary horizon. The whole ode was The rhetoric and measure written during. but hope the reader will be mild in criticising. It is a trial.e The Author. The following ode was written with no of publication. .the spare of two weeks. intention but at the sug-g-estion and advice of to the press.


I. II. Homage eternal shall honor thy name.®^e to tbe %an^ ot tbe lDtl?lnas. Hail to thee. Vikings. Home of the Viking bold. ocean. Who breasted stormy Dauntless of zigzag motion. Hygeian zephyrs of the proud sea Shall fan thy glory to eternity. Norge old. undying fame. . Hail to thee.

rolling sky. .: —6 — III. And the savage. Thou ventured on the stormy sea Minus compass and sympathy. Spite fierce breakers heaving high. Guided by the twinkling star. Reigned hast thou in the torrid hot. Tossed on the billows ugly roar. In the frigid north far apart. IV. On the isles of great fame Hast thou planted thy own name. In tempest fierce from shore to shore Tolled the curfew in two spheres afar.

VIII. Filling the air with sweet perfume. played.— 7VI. Rolf and company. . Planted seeds of liberty. In Italy thy honor reigned. And VII. In France. Which to this very day bloom. Thy brawny arms with Albion In Russia thou power gained. others that in the ocean sleep. And the Faroes in the salty deep. Thy scepter has on Sicily swayed. Iceland and Greenland hast thou found With valor to thy honor crowned.

eglantines. XI Vinland thou called it. lyand rich in jewels lay.—8 IX. Unknown Thou to man white. With scenting wreaths and With martial robes and high degree. Normandy to thy venture shines. Born with thee. Which with X. true. . History this pictures clear. Beyond the briny spray. the western sphere. Bordering on the ocean blue. the world brought the light. royal courts agree.

XIV. XIII. Paint it whom honor's due. in colors true. A heart full of sympathy. Their deeds and honors into rhyme. That lights the abyss murk.—9 — XII. Hail to thee. Precious jewels of liberty Within thy bosom lurk. Viking young. Honor. then. Sing the Brave of the northern clime. . Blood of the Vikings past Warm throbbing in thy breast. And the sweet throstle song.

Bj0rnson. Star of the North. Thoughts with thee floweth. Whereever thou hast been.— 10 — XV. Penetrating. XVI. Blazing wide in dazzling light. They have need Siren in a gloomy night. . Streaming light of intelligence Into the hearts of the innocents. XVII Freedom with thee goeth. of thee now. keen. Shining with luster forth. Broad and lofty thy brow.

Halo And scenting eglantine. Thou. knowledge sings. too. Pearls in the whistling breeze. Standing in front of the genius portal. I. Wheeling through spheres unknown To cheer millions yet unborn. Thou findeth books of knowledge in the earth. Jewels of wisdom at the flaming hearth. Rubies in the surging seas. Ibsen. Sweet wreathing vine. XIX.— 11 — XVIII. That speedily takes flying wings. XX. .

Seeds fertile planted thou. Rooted in bearing Fruit of thy honest toil. XXII. . Which are roses sweet soil. Wergeland Noble is no more. spirit true.— 12 — XXI. Words that make kings quake. to day. Monarchs tremble and shake. XXIII Thy words undying Perused from day stay. now. Has crossed to the other shore To peal Heaven's curfew.

Science to thy valor breathes. But gilded with golden hue. In form of knowledge wreaths. Thou planted the banner high In the fleecy. XXVI. polar sky. Birch of the frozen zone. Viking's son. . true. Brave Nansen. Thy days were Thou poured short.— 13 — XXIV. XXV. For relics of the pobir haze. Indebted to thee it is. a profusion of light Into the gospel horn of a pitchy night.

Majestic domes proud and grand. XXVIII. Towering the auroral sky. Rippling fjords in dazzling floods. lyOoming the breeze with glaring Kissed by streamers of the night. Silver stream and blue ravine. peaks. Beaming through whispering woods. Hail to thee. The most picturesque of all land. hoary white. Overlooking meadow green. Scenes bewitching to the eye.— 14 — XXVII. light: Burning in fire bright. . XXIX.

fast. To swell the listless deep. White birch singing Richly clothed in fitting rhyme. Down giddy heights to bed of In bubbling green bounding XXXII Through vales enameled green O'er rocks of beauty seen. in attire green. XXXI. rest.— 15 — XXX Hillocks crowned with weeping pine. Brooks of music winding 'long. With a sweet melodious song. 'long rocky coasts sweep. That . And woven snow in circle sheen.

— 16 — XXXIII. Then. in Valders grand. XXXIV. my childhood. Violet. crimson and deepest blue. Lilies and roses of the purest white. Blinking to each other in the brisky With smiles of enchanting hue. XXXV. innocent mirth. Where wanton Place of sports with sorrows blend. daisies With golden lovingly unite. Matted clusters of heaven teach. . Steine. Laughing flowers of beauty rare air. hail to thee. Where in infancy played at mother's hearth. Vales decked with linnsea wild and rich.

XXXVIII. eyed the linnet winging b3^ Twittering a song to the morning sky. o'er rock That hurrily dances and nook. Oft have I coasted thy hills steep.— 17 — XXXVI. Oft have I pranced o'er thy russet green. Oft have I gazed at the Hovda proud. XXXVII. Oft have I stood by that warbling brook. Encompassed by the Oft have I fleeting cioud. Oft did I toss the missiles white Into the face of the boy bright . From crowned peaks to vale deep. In childish sports that marked each scene.

XLI. Races many did we have. . But never tried the giddy bike. On ski and skates alike. the swain's And wonted tour.— 18 — XXXIX Oft (lid I on ski glide Swiftly the hillside. Of the budeie and her lur. Blushed by the breeze cold. Headlong domes to the fjord. Words fail to tell by half. XL. Fresh recollection lingers in my heart Of the Salter and its rustic cot.

As they wont in the time of yore. When infancy played on Synda shore. XLIII. 'Long silver stream and blue ravine. Home of geniuses renowned Who frtedcm bie&tte profourd. Again. O'er meadows somber green. The cow bell to my ear peals clear. Norge old. . Home of intelligence multifold.— 19 — XLII. Happiness then 'bove par placed. In frolicking gambol each other chased. The sheep and the goats appear. hail to thee. XLIV.

Nor those that court such things. Kear not feathered monarchs. Republic freedom true. XLVII. Let Republic be thy song. Where the curfew of liberty in Rings sweet S3^mphon3^ . Nor Ceres Nor of the celestial sphere. Watchword for you.— 20 — XLV. Nor owl-winged larks. XLVI. Look at Union strong. Kiss not the threshold of kings. others that thunder fear.

. Sail on! as in time of old. doth with Heaven's music share. Skaal! to thy valor on land and sea. skaal! to thee. L. In chorus of sweetest strains. In storm and cold. Keep thy banner in the breeze.— 21 — XLVIII. XLIX. Where freedom supreme reigns. Skaal! to thy love for liberty. Skaal! to a people brave and free. Sail on! Northland. Hear! It its pealing through the air. On land and seas.





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