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101_Ways PDF Yuri Elkain

101_Ways PDF Yuri Elkain

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Published by: StudentMadHouse on May 01, 2012
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Men...watch out!

If you enjoy your daily dose of yogurt, milk, and cheese then you may want to
reconsider after recent research has shown a fairly significant relationship
between dairy calcium and prostate cancer.

Not only is dairy the most acid-forming of all food types but now a massive study
published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition of nearly 21,000 men
found that those who consumed more than 600 mg of calcium daily from dairy
products had a 32% higher risk of prostate cancer than those who consumed no
more than 150 mg of calcium per day over an 11 year period.

To give you some perspective, 2% cow's milk contains 120 mg calcium/100 g
serving. This amount of calcium pales in comparison to many plant sources
including kelp (1,200 mg/100 g serving), broccoli (130 mg/100 g serving), and the
mother-of-all sesame seed (1,160 mg/100 g serving).

So if you're thinking about good calcium sources then look to green coloured
vegetables and sesame seeds. These are far better and much healthier for your
overall health.

If you're concerned about your bone health then the best advice I can give is to
engage in weight-bearing exercise, eat more green vegetables, and enjoy up to
20 minutes of natural sunlight each day. Ensure to get enough vitamin D and K
along with calcium from non-dairy foods or supplements.

I almost forgot to mention that dairy can build up to 1 gallon of mucus in the
human body! It is also highly processed and fortified with all kinds of hormones
and other steroids (if non-organic).

Remember, the National Dairy Council has massive influence on our society. We
have been brainwashed to believe that milk is actually good for us. What a joke!

To learn more about calcium and how to make it work for you then grab a copy of
my book - Eating for Energy. It just may save your bones!

101 Ways to Total Wellness

Copyright 2008 Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN



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