The pain stained my heart like a kiss, clung to my entire being.

What do I do when everything yearns, everything begs, everything pines, for You? Every inch of my skin calls your name, cries for your touch, Skin to skin, Heart to heart, Love to love — but there's no love for me in you. My eyes frame your face, My heart caresses your every thought, My mind cradles every soft word. Words, words, words — your empty words meet my desperate words; and I fall for that emptiness again. You are the happiness that consumes me, and that is why I let myself be the confidence that boosts you; one word to keep you feeling good for the day, one word to keep me smiling 'till you're gone. And I hold the soft words before I sleep — wrap them around me like an embrace, swallow them like a kiss, let them hold me as the loneliness does; until they follow me to a dream-filled slumber.