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Foods of Trinidad and Tobago

Presented by S. Mc Sween

Our Food Culture

Influenced by many cultures, mainly
o Indian o Creole o Chinese/Asian

Created many hybrids

o Called Trini Food

Indian Cuisine
o Buss-up-Shut (Paratha) & Dhalpourie o Sada, Roti-bake

o Anything and Everything

o Made with any green leafy vegetable

Creole Cuisine
Meats (Stewed, grilled, etc.) Other
o Wild meats, (iguana, deer, etc), Wide variety o Soups o Macaroni, Potato, Breadfruit, etc. o Almost any carbohydrate food is used

Local Cuisine
Famous Local Dishes
o Doubles o Crab and Dumpling o Bake and Shark o Pelau

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