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Saint Paul, MN, MAY 1, 2012Regarding todays protest, the list provided by SNAP contains no new information. Everything is already public. Further, nothing that the Archdiocese is aware of is hidden; every single credible complaint we have received, in addition to some non-credible ones, are made known in the parishes of the accused priests. No person named in the list is currently serving in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. This list also contains many inaccuracies and injustices. For example, it includes Bishop Paul Dudley, who is deceased, and who was completely cleared through an independent investigation, as well as a review of those findings by a district court judge. This case was widely reported in 2003. Archdiocesan policy requires that all staffincluding priests, deacons, teachers and lay personsimmediately report any and all allegations in keeping with Minnesota state law. Every year since the results of a 50-year audit were released in 2003, the Archdiocese has made an annual public disclosure in compliance with the John Jay Study, in the interest of complete transparency. The Archdiocese joins with SNAP in encouraging anyone with a possible charge of criminal sexual abuse to come forward.