JYAN members meet with Senior Advisor to the Minister of Education

Members of JYAN SRHR council met with Senior Advisor to the Minister, Dr. Franklin Johnston. In speaking with Dr. Johnston the JYAN team questioned the intentions of the Minister in addressing issues such as the Health & Family Life (HFLE) in the secondary schools curriculum. Dr. Johnston shared with the JYAN team that the Minister strongly believes Early Childhood Education in schools is important as we should strive to address issues from its genesis rather than having to spend money to fix them in the end and with that said he said he would be taking the HFLE policy to the Minister and discussing the flaws the council had pointed out. The council members also questioned the Minister’s intention on the implementation of condom distribution and counseling in schools and how they would go about implementing such policy as well as the active participation and involvement of parents within this process. Dr. Johnston vaguely answered the question; however he did mention that issues such as these would be presented to the Minister for further discussion. Dr. Johnston probed into the effective participation of JYAN among the myriad of committees and boards formed within the various ministries to address issues affecting the youth population. Dr. He was quite pleased to learn that the members of JYAN’s SRHR council sit and participate on several committees and recommended that JYAN seeks membership on other boards. Dr Johnston showed enthusiasm in working with JYAN in the future, he however made some conditions which were pliable; He proposed that JYAN request a next meeting with the minister, however JYAN should be prepared to provide an activity of collaboration between both parties. It was a very successful meeting and both parties are anticipating the next,

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