Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP) is a grassroots organization established to act as a “clearinghouse” to help encourage and coordinate efforts by the many grassroots organizations in the State to identify conservatives voters, precinct by precinct, and “Get Out The CONSERVATIVE Vote (GOTCV)” beginning with the 2012 election cycle. MOPP endorses the strategy of influencing government “from the bottom up” by organizing the most basic and smallest political subdivision…the Precinct. MOPP is interested in increasing voter turnout by heavily recruiting volunteers to walk communities and educate their neighbors on issues and candidates, with the goal to have conservative involvement in each precinct in the State of Missouri. Within the comfort and proximity of their own neighborhoods, volunteers will register neighbors to vote, educate them on issues and candidates, and get them to the polls on election day. Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP) will also encourage conservatives to run for local political offices such as township/precinct chair(wo)men, school boards, fire districts, county councils, etc. We intend to restore constitutional principles and conservative values by engaging conservatives in grassroots politics. We believe we can take back America one precinct at a time.

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 To join MOPP: --on the web: www.moprecinctproject.org --by email: missouriprecinctproject@gmail.org


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