By: Ankita Arora Jaspreet S Manchanda Pulkit Arya BFT 7

KIDSWEAR BRANDS IN INDIA Lilliput Catmoss Zapp Weekender

Li’l Tomatoes
Kanz Planet Kids

Customer mind set 30% 23% 47% Comfort Color Product type .

Product type 33% 23% 44% Need New Design Kid's Demand .

color 27% 53% 20% Need Suits the child Kid's Choice .

KID’S DEMaND 20% 47% 33% Friends Upcoming character Color .


BABIES Light colors Comfort Baby suits .


Toddler .

Gender associated colors Printed textiles .

2-6 Yrs .

Pastel colors Laces Embroidery Appliques Velvet Empire waist .

6-14 Yrs .

Leggings Darts/ Gathers Jeans Earthy Shades Yoke .


Toddler .

Knit Gender associated colors .

2-6 Yrs .

Layered look Camoflouge textiles Knit Prints Alternate fabrics .

6-14 Yrs .

Dress shirts Argyle Plaids/Stripes .

New Technologies .

KSW-Microtek invented washable RFIDs Help retailers to slim inventory level and theft control Consumers can use as credit cards.RFID Radio Frequency IDentification Miniscule microchip with no batteries. Stores flash ads on wall sized screens based on spending patterns .

Prefer wearing favorite cell phones on their chest Indirect marketing for Cellular companies New source of revenue for Clothing . especially cell phones & watches.CELL PHONES FOR KIDS CLOTHING A great craze of gadgets.

.WEATHER PROTECTION CLOTHING Different grades of Weather Protection & Temperature Management Integrates a HEATER into the clothing.

CELL PHONES ON KIDS CLOTHING Various gadgets incorporated continuously measures pulse-rate & heart-beats Parents able to see icons representing their baby’s heart beat. . A product of great use for working parents. emotional state as well as the activity level also.

. as well as. Made by using rapid printing processes to attach a film of thermoelectric material to a textile base.SMART CLOTHING Developing fabrics for clothing that will generate electricity through wearer’s movement & body heat. which harvests & conducts electricity for potential use. Technology can be used to power personal MP3 players. wireless health monitoring systems.

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