VT84 device installation Manual for Davinegere sand mining project

1. Device Installation

Open the Dashboard for installing the device

Device has been placed in Electrical DP box; securely screw the same to the closing plate of dashboard using the screws provided along with the box

cover the box with the top cover and tie the unused wires of antenna and power along with engine wires .Once the device fitted.

. also avoids the absorption of signal by metals and it has to fixed on the bonnet by provided screws and araldite glue.2. Antenna Installation Antenna has fitted on the Bonnet along with acrylic shit to ensure antenna should not fall on vibration The 10mm acrylic sheet has to be fixed on the bonnet to hold the antenna firmly.

7. 9. Check for damage or missing components in the device. To set right this you must reset the all connections. Sometimes the unit may get into reset mode and stop forwarding the data. 5. It should not dip below 7. Provide a Shrink cover to the device to avoid moisture and water damaging . Watch the power when the vehicle is started and shutdown. 8. To check the ground continuity in the vehicle it should beep in both ON & OFF Condition 12. 3. The best location for installing the unit is near the dash board or near the steering. Check all parts on Delivery challan. which will cause problems with the GPS systems. 4. 10. Make sure vehicle unit gets constant power even when the ignition is off by testing with millimeter. The main power should be drawn from the front panel which is safe source and not directly from the battery. Some power leads can lose all power during starting. SIM should be properly inserted to the Device and check the activation of SIM. ALWAYS follow the T4u Helpdesk instructions before installing the device. 6.DO`s 1. 11. Make sure wires are not pinched or repeatedly closed on doors. 2. Make sure you have a good ground secured with a screw. Never tap into wires that may impact the safety of the vehicle such as an airbag wire.2V volts.

3.DONT`s Don’t connect the device in reverse polarity this may damage due to high reverse current. 2. 4. . Don’t keep the device in the reverse direction. Don’t pour water in the device. 1. Follow the instruction. Don’t short vehicle battery terminal.

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