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4th Sem - Retail and Sales Management Revised

4th Sem - Retail and Sales Management Revised

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Published by: Vidhya Raj on May 02, 2012
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Retail and Sales Management – 4th Sem

Course Code: MBA 432 Course Objective:
The Retail Management module aims to make students learn the intricacies of formulating and implementing Retail Strategies and the Retail Mix by taking into account the logistics and supplies of goods/services and to understand the implications of retail management on customer satisfaction and leveraging the Retail Strategy to create Competitive Advantage.

Credit Units: 03

Learning Outcomes
On the successful completion of this module the student will be able to: • Understand the concepts of retail and sales in business management • Develop plans for retail and sales of different product categories • Analyse strategies of retail and sales management adopted by multinational organisations • Assess the importance of quality, budgeting and auditing in the area of retail and sales.

Course Contents:
Module I Introduction/Overview of Retailing Key terms and concepts Benefits and nature of the retailing industry Sales Organization Module II Strategies and Operational framework Strategic positioning tactics Developing retail plan to achieve competitive advantage Analysis of ethical, social, legal, economic and competitive environment, and their implications on retail management Module III Customer identification and understanding consumer behavior Purchase decision process and categorizing customers Applying research and customer information to retail management Module IV All about retail stores (Location and site evaluation, Design and Layout, Human Resource Management and Operations Management, Financial Analysis and Mgmt., Merchandise Management and Pricing) Module V Merchandising and pricing in retail management Retailer/Vendor relations Integrated marketing communications in retail management Challenges and recent developments in retail management Integrating and controlling the retail strategy Module VI Retail Measures ( Retail Sales Rupee ( Revenue) and Unit Sales, Square feet returns, Gross Margin, Gross Profit,

Seminars. 3rd European ed. Cases are also to be analyzed. The CIM Marketing Dictionary. Prentice Hall. Examination Scheme: Components Weightage (%) P1 10 C1 10 CT1 30 EE 70 Suggested Readings: • • Bajaj Chetan & Tuli Rajnish. Sell Through. Marketing Management. Butterworth-Heinemann.P. 2003 Hart. Oxford University Press. A Framework for Marketing Management. Prentice hall. International Dictionary of Management. 11th. Saunders J and V Wong. Retail Management. 9th Edition Prentice Hall Gerald Manning & Barry Reece. Sales Turnover. Evans.the course is covered by adopting a combination of lecture methods. Selling Today. Norman A. Extensive research projects. Average Stock. 2005. Case studies. Each student is required to do the back ground reading from the specified chapters of the prescribed book before coming to class.G. 2002. Sales Management Barry Berman. USA. Armstrong G. 2001 Harvard Business Review . Pearson Education. Interactive sessions. London. Asia. class presentation by groups of students. 2004.H and Terry. 2nd • • • • • • • • . Retail Management: A Strategic Approach. Weekend experience in companies . 1st Edition Cliff Richard & Govoni.Store Unit Capacity. Weeks Of Supply ) Learning Methods: Tutorials. Field visits. Average Transaction Value.2002 Kotler P. Principles of Marketing. Joel R.7th edition Kotler.P. 2002 Kotler. India. discussed in groups (teams) outside the class as preparatory work. self study sessions. 5th. USA. Return On Investment ) Inventory Measures ( BOM/ EOM. Pearson Education. Kogan Page. 1998 Johannsen. Management games. Stock to Sales Ratio.

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