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MATERI 01 MP_Dasar-Dasar Pemasaran

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Published by: Dilla 'Rizki Amalia Fuadillah' on May 02, 2012
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• Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging product of values with others

THE CORE CONCEPTS OF MARKETING • Needs : a state of felt of deprivation of some basic satisfaction • Wants : desires for specific satisfiers • Demands : wants that are backed up by ability & willingness to buy • Product : anything that can be offer to someone to satisfy a need or want. .

• • • • • Value Cost Satisfaction Exchange / Transaction Markets .

implementation. with target buyers for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives .MARKETING MANAGEMENT • Is the analysis. and control of program designed to create. build and maintain beneficial exchange. planning.

• The Product Concept : most quality or performance. aggressive selling & promotion efforts. making & improving product over time. • The Selling Concept : if left alone will ordinarily not buy enough.MARKETING MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHIES • The Production Concept : widely available and low in cost. . high production efficiency and wide distribution coverage.

• Marketing Concept : determining the needs. customer orientation • The Societal Marketing Concept long run societal welfare. . market research. delivering more effectively and efficiently than competitors.

THE GOALS OF THE MARKETING SYSTEM • • • • Maximize Consumption Maximize Consumer Satisfaction Maximize Choice Maximize Life Quality Diskusi : Jelaskan hubungan antara marketing philosophies dan tujuan sistem pemasaran ! .

THE MARKETING’S ROLE IN THE ORGANIZATION • • • • • Marketing as an equal function Marketing as a more important function Marketing as the major function The Customer as the controlling function The Customer as the controlling function and marketing as the integrative function (Evolusi menuju Marketing Company) .

INFLUENCING FACTORS OF COMPETITION KEHNICHI OHMAE : 3C • Company • Customer • Competitor HERMAWAN KERTAJAYA : 4C • Change Driver : Economy . Technology MICHAEL PORTER : 5 Forces • Substitute Product & Potential New Entrance • Suplier .

COMPETITIVE SETTING EVOLUTION • • • • • Stable Interupted Complicated Sophisticated Chaos .

Mass Distribution Seller (Selling Oriented) .Product Standardization .Mass Promotion .Persuasive Selling .TYPE OF COMPANY & KEY SUCCESS FACTORS Producer ( Production Oriented) .Product Featuring .Operational Efficiency .

Market Effectiveness .Product Customization .Interactive Communication .Product Specialization .Integrated Communication Service Provider (Customer Driven) .Niche Selectivity .Database Accountability (CRM) .Product Differentiation .Marketer ( Marketing Oriented) .Balanced Promotion Specialist (Market Driven) .

COMPETITION GOALS • Market Share • Mind Share • Heart Share .

VALUE OF MARKETING COMPANY • Brand • Service • Process .

MARKETING MANAGEMENT PROCESS 1. . Implementing and Controlling Marketing Effort. Organizing. Analyzing Marketing Opportunities 2. Designing Marketing Strategies (Positioning) 4. Researching and Selecting Target Market 3. Planning Marketing Program (Marketing Mix) 5.

Market Research System.ANALYZING MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES • Marketing Information System : Internal Record System. • Analyzing The Marketing Environment • Analyzing Consumer Behavior • Analyzing Competitor . Marketing Decision Support System. Marketing Intelligent System.

RESEARCHING & SELECTING TARGET • Measuring & Forecasting Market Demand : Methods & Tools. . • Identifiying Market Segments : Approach/ Bases & Profiling segments • Selecting Target Market : Evaluating & Selecting.

Challengers. and Nichers.DESIGNING MARKETING STRATEGIES • Differentiating & Positioning : competitive advantage & Positioning Strategy • Managing Product Life Cycle • Designing Strategies : Leaders. • Strategies for The Global Marketplace . Followers.

PLANNING MARKETING PROGRAM • Managing product lines. and packaging • Designing pricing strategies • Managing Marketing Channels : Retailing. brands. • Managing the salesforce . public relations. direct selling. Wholesaling • Designing promotion mix strategies: advertising. sales promotion.

.MANAGING MARKETING EFFORT • Organizing and Implementing Marketing Programs • Evaluating and Controlling Marketing Performance.

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