Winter Wonderland ©2012 by Kaaren Johnston

Winter Wonderland ©2012 by Kaaren Johnston Getting Started
Please read all the instructions before starting. All seams are sewn with a ¼” seam allowance. All stitching is completed using Aurifil 12 wt Bright Redwork #2260, or a floss/thread of your choice.

Transferring the Design
A line drawing is provided for you to transfer to the stitching fabric. A light source such as a window during daylight hours or a light box will assist you in making the design more visible through the fabric. Center and tape the fabric over the design and trace using a fine tip Pigma pen. I used red for this particular design.

Fabric Requirements
A 15” x 17” piece of fabric for the center area to be stitched. For the borders, I used a scrap piece of red fabric from my stash for the small squares and a coordinating red fabric for the backing and binding, also from my stash. The white fabric was the same fabric that I used for the center.

1. Complete the stitching with the backstitch using the Aurifil 12 wt Bright Redwork #2260 thread. When the stitching is complete, trim to 11 ½” x 13 ½”. 2. The inner checkerboard border are pieced 1 ½” squares. 3. The outer border is made from the same fabric as the inner stitching square. Refer to the layout diagram for size and placement. 4. Attach the outer border first before transferring the stitching design. Then transfer the wording in the same manner as you transferred the center design. Stitch as above. 5. When the stitching is complete, layer the top, batting and backing and stabilize with either quilt basting spray, hand basting or pins.

Quilt as desired. Trim and square up the batting and backing to the size of the top. Attach the binding using your preferred method.

The use of this pattern/design is limited to individual and personal use only. Distributing or selling this pattern in any form is not permitted. It may not be used for commercial purposes unless written permission is granted. Credit for this pattern should be included if displayed in any manner. Individual users may enlarge or reduce the size of the line drawings for their personal use but may not alter them in any other way.

Winter Wonderland ©2012 by Kaaren Johnston All Rights Reserved

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