Fix xing t C the Comp puter Guy Pos e r y sture Low back/h st wer b hip tabilit ty

  Let’s look at ideal postu for a minute. Look at your profile in the t ure e mirror. Chan nces are you gonna find that your head is jutt u’re r ting forward, or that your sh houlders are slumped for rward coupled with a hunchbac posture, o that your lower back is so arched t ck or s that your stomach pro otrudes forw ward, giving you the “skinny gut”. Pe eople are under the m mistaken imp pression that working ou hard in the gym t ut will fix this. Let’s make o thing cle - what yo do in the gym one ear ou only cemen what you have. If you have bad p nts u posture, heav lifting vy makes it wo orse. If you have good po osture, heavy lifting mak it kes better. Of co ourse there a exceptio to this, but for the majority are ons of the popu ulation, that’s the norm. s This pos is about an st nterior pelvic tilt, the mo common posture dys c ost sfunction. I w address will posterio pelvic tilt in another post. How do you know if you have an anterior pelvic tilt? Look at or o f your bel If you belt points towa lt. t ards the floo you have an anterior pelvic tilt. Or, look sidew or, ways in the mirror. does you butt stick o ur out? Chance are that yo have an a es ou anterior pelv tilt. I’m go vic onna break ba posture in 2 sections, lower body and upper body. The lo ad n , y ower body in nfluences the upper e body, bu upper bod doesn’t always influence the lower body. ut dy

The classic bad guys in APT are t s tight hip fle exors couple with a tig rectus f ed ght femoris (qua ads) and lumbar erectors (lo ower back). The weakened muscle are the glute max, ha es amstrings a the and abs (mo ostly the rect abdomin and external oblique Most peo tus nus es). ople think th the hams hat strings are tight in this position and stre t etch the hec out of them, but the h ck hamstrings a actually in a are lengthen state – s ned stretching th hem will only make it wo y orse. Due to antagonist d dominance, the glute ma will not fire to its max ax ximum capac and to p up for th slack, the adductor m city pick his e magnus and the hamstrings will be force to step in. this leads to hamstring pulls and groin pulls. H ed g Have you ever hea of an ath ard hlete sufferin from glute pulls? ng e

Steps 1) 2) 3) 4) Lenghten th Hip Flexor he rs Activate and strengthen the glutes A d n Lower back stretching Strenghtening abs S

Lunge St tretch  Lengthen n the hip flex xors    nds per leg  30 secon

Move hip, n not lower bac ck.  Squeeze but tt of leg behind you.  Push hips fo orward, rotat te hips  slightly from m side to side e. 

Hip Circu uit  Hip Mob bility    es in both directions  10 circle 10 abductions (move e leg sideway ys)  rdogs (kick le eg up)  10 super   Glute Br ridges  Activate  then the glut tes.   and strengt   n  15 slow movements up and down Cook Hip p Lift  Advance ed glute activ vation.    ach leg  10 for ea


  Move hips up by  es.  squeezing glute

Kee ep tennisball  between leg and  cage. Squeez ze other  ribc glut te. Raise several  inch hes. Isolate g glute  from m lower  bac ck/hamstring gs.  Keep your spin ne in  one line, raise upper  g focussing o on the  leg glu ute muscles.  

Clam  bility  Hip Mob   ach leg  10 for ea

Half squat Half Dead dlift  ng posterior chain  Activatin   ach leg  10 for ea  

Ben nd over/squa at down unti ill you  asu ume this posi ition. Move u up by  usin ng hips. 

Cat and Camel Stretch  the lower bac ck  Stretch t   10x 

Do not stretch the bac ck via  etches  traditional flexion stre like the toe touch stretch.  it is a decent t lumbar  Although i stretch, it puts a lot of f  on the spinal discs  pressure o and can m make a bad ba ack  worse.      

Dead Bu ug  Train/tig ghten abdom minal muscles s.    10 repet titions  Plank  ghten abdom minal muscles s.  Train/tig   60 secon nd plank 

 P Pull bellybutt ton  in nwards. Pull knees  and arms up. Lower  eft leg and right  le arm. Alternat te.   Knees s should have a very  slight bend in them. You  ould be tight with a  abs sho slight ar rch in the low wer  back an nd the butt should  be sque eezed hard.  Hips ds  Quad Calve es  IT Band 

  Foam Ro olling 


Fix xing t C the Comp puter Guy r y Low back/h st wer b hip tabilit ty
Before, I talked abou the anterior pelvic tilt and how to fix it. If you haven’t read that, pleas do. ut o d se This pos shall be ab st bout the upp body dys per sfunction tha normally accompanie the lower body at a es issues. B let’s get one thing str But o raight – you can fix the u upper body as much as y want, bu unless you ut the lowe body is op er ptimally align the upp body wil not be. The upper body is a slave t the ned, per ll e to lower bo Fix the l ody. lower body a the upp body get a lot bette Fix the upper body an the and per ts er. nd lower bo will not necessarily f ody follow. I hop you under pe rstand this. Most people in today’s socie have the t ety “Qua asimodo” loo the bent upper back with ok, k slum mped shoulders and a ne that juts out. This eck can b lead to a lot of tensio in the up be on pper trap and the le ps evator scapulae, can lea to the ad open mouth bre n eathing, and in some cas can ses, lead to migraine The tight muscles in this es. t nario are usually the pec minor, the lats and scen som metimes, the upper abs. The stretch out e . hed muscles are the rhomboids, the mid and lower d traps and the th s, horacic exten nsors. Remem mber the h hamstrings f from yesterd day’s article? The ? levat and trap are the eq tors ps quivalent of the hamstrin as in, they are in a st ngs, tretched pos sition. Look at this picture of the hea jutting fo ad orward. The leva ators have to always be a o active, or else the head is gonna succumb to gra avity. Stretch hing them wi only make the matter worse. The t ill e trick is to ge the thoracic spine back into its nat et tural curves, a to get th head into a more neu and he o utral position – “floating” on top of the body. n ”       Foam ro olling Thoracic Spine  DeFranc co's Upper bo ody warm‐up p    10 times s centered  10 times s left  10 times s right  Separate scapula  S and foam roll upper  a back, 10 time b es  centered  c

Extendin ng thoracic s spine  Thoracic c mobility    10 reps 

Extendin ng thoracic s spine  Thoracic c mobility    10 reps 

Put a arms on low bench,  push h down the c chest.  

Wall Pec c Stretch    45 secon nds each arm m 

Grab b doorledge o or column. G Gently  push h chest forwa ard during st tretch 

Lats Stre etch    45 secon nds per arm 

Hold  beam, lean n back till lats s  tched.  stret

Shoulder Stretch    Hold for 60 seconds 

Hands back k. Slide  body forwa ards till  stretchy fee eling in  shoulders is s felt.  

Shoulder dislocation ns    15 reps 

Start wide, use rope or broomstick. Tilt  ch your butt. Grip  arms around till you tuc en things loos sen up.  tighter whe

Scapular r Wall Slide  Scapular r depression and retraction  o   10 reps 

Mu uscle activati ion mid‐back k. Get  the e elbows as low as possib ble  wit thout overar rching the low wer  bac ck.  

Chin Tuc ck  Deep nec ck flexors  10 reps 

Chin Tucks s: Stand with h back  and head a against  wall.  Keep ping back of head to  wall, roll chin down tow wards  neck.  It is a very small  t.  movement

Reverse Crunch    Prevent lordosis/kyphosis  ten Abs  Strenght   3*max 

    Lie ba ack on the flo oor. Flex you ur knees. Rai ise your knee es  again nst your head d by crunchin ng your abs. Keep feet do own,  legs s squeezed and head on th he floor. Put pelvis on flo oor after  each rep. Work abs, not flexo ors. Don’t let legs come p past   endicular.  perpe


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