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Published by: Kenny Kato on May 02, 2012
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F Qtr

Calc MAT 21A


EME 00

Graphics ENG 4

Gen Ed.

W Qtr

Calc MAT 21B

ENG 00

Prog* EME 5 or ENG 6 Gen.Chem CHE 2A LD Comp Gen Ed.

S Qtr

Calc MAT 21C

Phys PHY 9A

Gen.Chem CHE 2B

Gen Ed.

F Qtr


Vect. Anal MAT 21D

Phys PHY 9B

Mfg EME 50

Prop Mat''l ENG 45

9 units of math

W Qtr

Lin Alg MAT 22A

Phys PHY 9C

Statics ENG 35

Gen Ed.

S Qtr

Diff Eq MAT 22B

Mod Phys PHY 9D

Circuits ENG 17


F Qtr

Appl Math**

Dynamics ENG 102

Fluid Dyn ENG 103

Thermo ENG 105


W Qtr

Prof Resp*** ENG 190

Elec Circuits & Sys ENG 100

Stb & Cnt Aerospace Veh EAE 129

Thermo--Fluids EME 106

UD Comp

S Qtr

Mech Mat''l ENG 104

Experimental Methods EME 107A

Heat Trans EME 165

UD Gen Ed.

F Qtr


Fin El Meth in Structures EAE 133

Appl Aircraft Aerodynamics EAE 127

Mech Des EME 150A

Experimental Methods EME 107B

UD Gen Ed.

W Qtr

Aerospace Structures EAE 135

Aircraft Perf & Design EAE 130A

Sys Dyn EME 171

Aircraft Propulsion EAE 138

S Qtr

Tech Elec^

Theo & Comp Aerodynamics EAE 126

Aircraft Perf & Design EAE 130B

Controls EME 172

Prerequisites Co Requisites Recommended

* ENG 006 preferred for Aero program ** ENG 180 preferred for Aero program *** Upper-Division standing required ^ Select from ENG 122, EAE 139, 141, 189A, 189B, EME 121, 150B, 154

B.S. in Mech. Engr. & Aero. Science and Engr. (Double Major) 2010-11

Assume all engineering course prerequisites require C- or better. Check online catalog for more prerequisite information.

Modified: 2010 - 06 - 20

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