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IBS Hyderabad Course Code SLOP 501, Semester II Batch of 2013

Operations Management
Faculty: A N Mitra Ph. No.: +91 8125596425 Email: Meeting Hours: Any day with prior appointment Room No. E 203, Academic Block, IBS Hyderabad.

Course Description
The purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic exposure to the tasks and challenges facing Operations Managers, the people responsible for the vital function of producing the goods and services in any manufacturing and service organization. The ultimate goal is to maximize value and profits through customer satisfaction and provides an effective and rapid response to changing global market conditions.

Reference Books
Though variety of books will be consulted to deliver the lecture and making learning meaningful, the students can refer to the following text books. 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Operations & Supply Management, by Chase, Shanker, Aquilano, Jacobs, Twelfth Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill company, Special Indian Edition. (Main Text Book) Quantitative Analysis for Management, by Barry Render and Ralph M Stair. Prentice Hall. (For LP and Transportation Problems) Production and Operations Management, Everette E Adam and Ronald J Ebert. Prentice Hall of India. New Delhi.2004. 5th Edition Operations Management Strategy & Analysis, Lee J Krajweski and Larry P Ritzman.Person Education.Delhi.2002. 6th Edition Operations Management An integrated Goods and Services Approach, James R. Evans and David A. Collier, Thomson Publication, 2007 Operations Management, Norman Gaither and Greg Frazier, Cengage Learning Publications, 2004, 9th Edition Operations Management, William J. Stevenson, Tata McGraw-Hill Publication, 2005, 8th Edition

Chapter Introduction

Session No.
1 Monday


Detailed Syllabus
The Field of Operations Management, Production Systems, OM in the organizational Chart, Operations as Service Historical Development of OM, Current Issues in Operations Management. Operations Strategy, Operations Competitive Dimensions, The Corporate Strategy Design Process, Strategic Fit-Fitting. Process Analysis, Process Flowchart, Types of Processes, Measuring Process Performance, Process Analysis Examples, Process Throughput Time Reduction Designing for the Customer Quality Function Deployment, Value Analysis, value Engineering, Designing Products for Manufacture and 1.

Crisis at Strocem RMC: Significance of Operations Management (Optional)

Text Book1 Chapters

Section 1, Chapter 1

Operations Strategy and Competitiveness Process Analysis

2 Wednesday 02-Nov


Operations Management at Southwest Airlines

Section 1, Chapter 2


Mon Wed

07-Nov 09-Nov


Crunching munch time a little.

Section 2, Chapter 6


Takira Motors: Creating Assembly and Process Chart 5. Ford Motor Company in India:Developing Ford Figo. Section 1, Chapter 4

Product Design


Mon Wed

14-Nov 16-Nov

1 Operations & Supply Management, by Chase, Shanker, Aquilano, Jacobs, Twelfth Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill company, Special Indian Edition. Chapters No. may change for earlier editions. Students may follow chapter titles as per the syllabus.

Manufacturing Process Selection and Design Service Process Selection and Design





Linear Programming Facility Location



Assembly, Measuring Product Development Performance Process Selection Types of Processes, Process Flow Structure, Product-Process Matrix. The Nature of Services, and Operational Classification of Service, Applying Behavioral Science to Service Encounters, Designing Service Organizations, Structuring the Service Encounter, ServiceSystem Design Matrix, Service Blueprinting and Fail-Safing Problem Formulation and solving


Made in India

Section 2 ,Chapter 7


Spice Jet: Dedicated to serve customers with excellence

Section 2, Chapter 8

8. Alexander
Machine Company (Optional) 9. Locating and Laying out the Fast Food Business ( Mc Donald Case study) 10. Utilisation of Transportation Method in Sandino Furniture. Discussion &

Chapter 2A & Chapter 8 ( Quantitative Analysis for Management B.Render & R. Stair) Section 3 , Chapter 11




Class Participation Evaluation for Ten Sessions Transportation Methods

11,12 Mon Wed 5-Dec 7-Dec

Plant location methodsFactor rating, Transportation Method (only formulation), Centroid Method, Locating service facilities. Transportation methods

Chapter 10 (QA for Mgt- B. Render & R.Stair)

Facility Layout


Mon Wed

12-Dec 14-Dec

Waiting Line Management

15, 16

Mon Wed

19-Dec 21-Dec

Basic Production Layout Formats, Process Layout (CRAFT) Product Layout (Assembly Line Balancing), Group Technology (Cellular) Layout, Fixed-Position Layout, Retail Service Layout, Office Layout. Economics of Waiting Line Problem, The Queuing System, waiting line method (MM1 Model in detail)

Numerical Exercises 11. Travelsafe Manufacturing Company (TMC) 12. Load Matrix

Section 2 , Chapter 7A

13. Harish Automobile Repair Shop: A case of Queuing Theory Discussion and Numerical Exercises 14. Excel Printers: A start-ups capacity planning

Section 2 , Chapter 8A & Chapter 14 QA for Mgnt- B. Render & R. Stair

Written TEST Session # 17 (20 Marks) Monday 26 -Dec Strategic Capacity Management
18 Wed 28-Dec Capacity Management in Operations, Capacity Planning Concepts, Capacity Planning, Planning Service Capacity Overview of Sales and Operations Planning Activities, The Aggregate Operations Plan, Aggregate Planning Techniques Definition of Inventory, Purposes of Inventory, Inventory Costs, Independent versus Section 2 , Chapter 5

Aggregate Sales and Operations Planning


Mon Wed

2-Jan 4- Jan

15.Bake a Cake (Optional) Discussion of Aggregate Techniques 16. Inventory Management Through ABC

Section 4 , Chapter 16

Class Participation Evaluation for Ten Sessions Inventory Control

21,22 Mon Wed 9-Jan 11-Jan

Section 4 , Chapter 17

Materials Requirement Planning


Mon Wed

16-Jan 18-Jan

Supply Chain Strategy

25, 26

Mon Wed

23-Jan 25-Jan

Total Quality Management: Evolution of TQM

27, 28, 29

Mon Wed Mon

30-Jan 01-Feb 06-Jan

Dependent Demand, Inventory Systems, Fixed Order Quantity Models, Fixed-Time Period Models, Selective Control, including ABC, VED Classifications, Optional Replenishment System, 2-Bin system Where MRP Can Be Used, Master Production Schedule, Material Requirements Planning System Structure, MRP Examples Supply Chain Drivers, Measuring SC performance, Push Strategy/Pull strategy/Push-pull strategy, Bullwhip effect, Outsourcing, Design for logistics, global sourcing, mass customization Quality Specification and Quality Costs, SixSigma Quality, The Shingo System: FailSafe, ISO 9000, ISO 14000

analysis- A Case study for Super Sounds Inc. Discussion of various inventory control systems/models 17. Material Requirements at Kings Furniture Section 4 , Chapter 18

18. ZARAs Supply Chain Management Practices

Section 3 Chapter 10

19. Toyota Motor company: Losing its Quality Edge ? 20. Six Sigma at GE 21. Cost of Quality The case of Suzlons Blade Recall

Section 2 , Chapter 9

Just-In-Time and Lean Systems


Wed Mon

08-Feb 13-Feb

Class Participation Evaluation for Ten Sessions

JIT/Lean Logic, The Toyota Production System, Elimination of waste, Value Stream Mapping, JIT/Lean Implementation Requirements, JIT/Lean in Services

22. Toyotas Revolution 23. Lean Manufacturing Initiatives Boeing.


Section 3, Chapter 12


Project Management


Wed Mon

15-Feb 20-Feb

Introduction, Structuring Projects, Work Breakdown Structure, NetworkPlanning Models, Time Cost Modes, Managing Resources.

Ishikawa Motors Ltd. Implementation of JIT and Lean Practices (Optional) 24. Burj Dubai Project (Optional)

Section 1, Chapter 3 & Chapter 13- QA for Mgt- .Render & R.Stair

Evaluation Plan
Component No.
1 2 3 4 5

Class participation 1 Class participation 2 Class participation 3 Mid Term Test End Term

5% 15 + 5% 20 + 5% 20% 30%

Date of Conduct
30 Nov 4 Jan 13 Feb 26-Dec

*WACs are included in the CPs

Wish you an effective and enjoyable learning