Cater to an Underserved Market Segment
Presented By Sudheer Reddy Khushboo Kumari Madhusudhan M R Ramu v

S No. U.INTRODUCTION Dollar General  Founder J L Turner  CEO: Richard Drelling   Headquarters: Goodlettsville Tennessee.577 . Of Stores: 8.

DOLLAR GENERAL SLOGAN Save Time Save Money Everyday .


of stores: 6850 aprox .S No.FAMILY DOLLAR Founded 1959  Founder: Leon Levine   Headquarters Matthews. U. North Carolina.

FAMILY DOLLAR SLOGAN My Family. My Family Dollar .


  .STRATEGY  Focus on low-income communities Open the stores near to their homes   Provided uncrowded parking lots and avoid long checkout lines. Open a cluster of stores in geographic area Reduce their advertising to converted to an everyday pricing strategy.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Q1. and  Older customers with fixed incomes. What is the target market segment for extreme value retailers like Dollar General and Family Dollar ?  Rural and Urban shoppers .  Low to middle income young families .  Ethnic groups. .

Q2. And local residents find it comfortable to shop close to their homes rather than driving 30 min’s to a discount store located in a larger town. Why are customers increasingly patronizing these extreme value retailer stores ? A. These stores are available at every nook and corner where big retailers like Wall Mart find it financially inviable to operate. B. . Because these provide good quality merchandise at lower prices without hassles of crowds and lines.

How do extreme value retailers make a profit when their prices and average transactions are so low? .Q3.

or will Wal-Mart eventually drive them out of business ? Why ? . Can extreme value retailers defend themselves against general merchandise discount retailers like Wal-Mart.Q4.


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