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Published by: Sandra Rodrigues on May 02, 2012
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THE church had been decorated with whit e calla lilies and ruby roses with baby’s breath and assorted greenery Jenna knew nothing about. It was beautiful. Seeing Tara wa lk down the white-carpeted aisle in her dress had made her breath catch. She’d looked stunning. Mick had tears in his eyes. Her big, tough-as -nails brother had shed a tear. Her brother Mick was a married man now. Jenna still found that hard to believe. Her big brother, who had teased and tackled her and looked out for her when they were kids, had found the woman of his dreams and married her. And he had a teenaged son who he was going to officially adopt. Nathan was going to become a Riley. Sometimes the world moved at such a fast pace it made her head spin. Jenna had stood on the altar and listened to the priest perform the ceremony, tr uly listened to the words as Father Abrams told them about love and faith and finding that one person you were meant to be with. As she watched her brother and Tara look at each other, she knew for a fact that two people couldn’t possibly love each other more. Shockingly, she’d cried. She’d never thought it would happen. Strong and stoic were her fortes. But she’d stood on the altar with tears rolling down her cheeks as Mick and Tara recited their vows. She’d have to work harder at her intestinal fortitude before Gavin and Liz’s wedding . After the ceremony the wedding party hung behind at the church to take pictures in multiple shots. Jenna had to admit that had been fun. Sometimes family could be overwhelming. Today, she couldn’t get enough of them. When there was a spare moment in between photographer shots, she hugged her brot her. “I’m so happy for you.” Mick grinned and put his arm around her. “Thank you. I’m a lucky guy.” “You are. Take good care of her. She’s special.” He squeezed Jenna’s arm. “I know.” The day turned out glorious. Cold, but bright and sunny. A perfect day, without a cloud or raindrop in the sky. The bride and groom were happy, Jenna’s parents were beaming with joy, and that’s al l she could ask for. And the bridesmaid dresses didn’t suck—thank you, Tara—so Jenna would survive the day. She’d given up on finding a date for the wedding after that disastrous episode wit h Joe. The poor guy. She’d felt awful about it. No more dating for her. Not until she found someone who knocked her socks off. Correction. Someone who didn’t play sports who knocked her socks off.

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