Transportation 1.

Check Capacity = Demand If they are equal don’t use dummy, if not, use dummy to balance the capacity demand. 2.Start the allocation from least price. 3.Create Initial Solution. 4.Calculate the shadow prices via allocated. 5.Allocated V/S Non-Allocated Comparisons 6.If non-allocated < allocated put (X). 7.Ride (X) on bicycle. 8.Calculate value of (X). 9.Calculate all the values for Final Solution.

Assignment Solution 1.If no. of line=No. of Matrix then answer is feasible but not optimum i.e. matrix needs to be reduced. 2.Consider the entries. No Line => Find the smallest value and reduce all no lines by that value. One Line=>Leave Unchanged. Two Lines=>Increase by the smallest value. Minimum No. of lines connecting all zero’s are No. of Lines = No.of Matrix(Reached Optimum Solution)

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