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Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Report Designer's Guide

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Report Designer's Guide

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Published by: Vermontique on May 02, 2012
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The first step is to add a dummy image to the template in the position you want the
chart to appear. The image size will define how big the chart image will be in the final

Important: You must insert the dummy image as a "Picture" and not any other kind of

The following figure shows an example of a dummy image:

The image can be embedded inside a for-each loop like any other form field if you want
the chart to be repeated in the output based on the repeating data. In this example, the
chart is defined within the sales year group so that a chart will be generated for each
year of data present in the XML file.

Right-click the image to open the Format Picture palette and select the Web tab. Use
the Alternative text entry box to enter the code to define the chart characteristics and
data definition for the chart.

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