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using a black mirror for scrying goëtia demons 4

using a black mirror for scrying goëtia demons 4

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Published by: magick7 on Dec 20, 2008
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Using a Black mirror

Scrying can be a useful means to contact Demons and spirits, fortell the future and secure answers to questions. A black mirror is ideal for these purposes. The use of an ordinary mirror can be distracting due to the reflected image. A black mirror cannot be bought, it must be made. Traditionally, Obsidian was the material of choice in the making of a black mirror, but the method described below works just as well. During the cycle of the Full Moon is the best time to create a black mirror. Any frame for a photograph will serve as a base for a black mirror. Make sure the glass is completely clean and free of dust, hair, etc. Take the glass from the picture frame and paint one side of it with black enamle. You will probably need to use 2-4 coats to make the paint completely opaque. Oil based enamles are lasting, but they take a long time to dry. Be sure to leave the glass to completely dry before placing it back in the frame. Put it in with the glass side (unpainted) facing outward. The advantage of a black mirror is that it reflects less light and is not distracting to the eye. It gives the gaze nothing to fix upon. This draws the scryer into it. Empowering Ritual: During a full Moon- Place a paper or parchement of the Sigil of Ashtaroth on top of the face of the black mirror, on your altar. (I will be putting his sigil on my website this week) Ashtaroth is the Demon of prophesy. Write the following prayer on a clean piece of paper:

Hear me Father Satan, I ask in your name, that the forces of darkness bestow their powers of prophesy upon this mirror; that I may use this magickal medium to contact any Demons I may call forth, to scry upon with truthful revelations and the exposing of secrets and knowledge that is unknown to me. In the name of Satan/Lucifer, I petition Ashtaroth, to bestow the blessing of prophesy and all the powers related, thereof upon this mirror. All of this, I ask in your name, Father Satan. So it is done. At the height of your ritual, recite the prayer aloud and when finished light it in the flame of a black candle on the left side of your altar. Place the burning paper in a bowl (preferably silver) to burn. To use the mirror: Leave the mirror lying flat upon a table. Relax and be comfortable. Imagine the mirror is black liquid water, jet black like a well. Fix your gaze upon the mirror. The mirror will brighten to gray. Images of clouds will form. Be patient, for the ability to see images of spirits and events will come with practice. It is best to become familiar with your mirror before calling up any Demons. At first, everyone sees clouds. Those with experience and who persist will move onto other visions that will occur at random. These visions will be uncontrolled.

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With experience, visions will be able to be called upon at will. An adept can experience visions that involve all 5 senses when scrying into the mirror; this can take some time, persistence and practice. Demons can touch the scryer, carry on lengthly conversations and interact on a more personal level. The visions can begin to exist outside of the mirror on all sides and surround the scryer. When not in use, keep the mirror wrapped in black velvet or silk and in a safe place where it will not be disturbed by others. Unlike those who are without, the children of Satan are given a hand up in the practice of these disciplines; all we need to do is ask. Father is very generous with his gifts.

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