Ten days and I’m losing myself in a half dream; caught between fiction and reality, this haunting

follows me yet. Do I show my bruises like tokens of bravery? I don’t think I have the strength to pull them out from my heart. So no, I’ll keep the pain inside; let it store itself in bottles around my body, let the glass break like I am, let every beautiful fucking wall fall down. This hypnotic haunting; it’s everywhere now. No matter how many walks I take, no matter how many new places, your face haunts me still. It moulds in to my mind, on to the faces of others, on to everything. How far away do I have to go – or more, will any distance ever let me escape you? I’d run if I could but I’m tied to you, and no matter how far I run you’ll haunt me like a ghost. And I’m powerless to everything, weak at your words, your touch. I wonder if I’ll ever escape you at all.

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