Some G.K Question Queta old name? 1st Governer of state Bank? Freest Economy?

South Eastern Asian head situated at? Night Blindness Vitamen ? Denmark Capital? 1st Stock Exchange market?London i think Aisam ul haq reaches in Double Final which tournament ? Math Question: Q:Penguin and Rabbit Heads and Feet = 40,48 ....? Q:X and Y question opt "C" i think? Q:Discount rate 14%?

Queta old name? Shalkot Correct 1st Governer of state Bank? Zahid Hussain, ye opt thi? Wrong Freest Economy? Hong Kong Correct Head South Eastern Asian situated at? Singapore Wrong maine Jakarta choose kiya tha ;( Night Blindness Vitamen ? A Correct __________________ Which is First Country to banned on Tobacco? Buthan i Think

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