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Sex.com Press Release - May 2 2012

Sex.com Press Release - May 2 2012

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Published by Sex_com
Sex.com Introduces A Pinterest For Porn
Sex.com Introduces A Pinterest For Porn

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Published by: Sex_com on May 02, 2012
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May 02, 2012 - Women are pinning bras, men are pinning boobs. Following the huge success of social photo sharing site Pinterest, Sex.com launches the first major adultoriented alternative to Pinterest. “Pinterest doesn’t allow adult photos, so we felt there was an opportunity in the marketplace for such a service, and with the large amount of adult-oriented traffic, we expect to compete with sites like Tumblr and Pinterest over the next 12 months” says Fred of Sex.com. Analytics have indicated that women make up over 97% of accounts created on Pinterest. Because of its specific audience, most pictures are of weddings, decorations, recipes and fashion, which seem to be of very little interest to men. Sex.com lets its users “pin” X-rated pictures & videos to virtual boards, which is what men seem to be looking for. Since its Beta launch on May 1st, a new user account is created every minute on the site. Sex.com success comes from its interactive social features, which let user share, follow, add and discover new pictures and videos. Its content stands out from any other adultoriented site, as it puts the user in the driver's seat and reflects what it want to see. With a the record for the most expensive public domain name sales at 13 million USD, expectations are running very high with the Sex.com team. The Pinterest approach to Sex.com is only the first step in a full-scale social and web experience that Sex.com plans to create for both Men and Women. More Information will be available soon, as Sex.com works it way through its Beta testing period and will share all traffic and relevant data with the public as it moves forward. About Sex.com: Sex.com owns the record for the most expensive public domain name sales ever at $13 million. Sex.com aims to bring mainstream, social and trendy technologies to the adult market. For further information, visit Sex.com's website at www.sex.com Contact: media@sex.com

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