confusion. distress. are used to identify and observe your action. For example.ABSTRACT Blue eye seeks attentive computation by integrating perceptual abilities to computers wherein nonobtrusive sensing technology. recognize and respond to the human communication of emotion (such as frustration. we can understand human’s emotional state by his facial expressions. such as video cameras and microphones. anger and joy) Aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory abilities like those of human-beings. If we add these . interest. Blue Eyes aims at giving the computers the ability to sense. The basic idea behind this technology is to give computer human power.

where he is looking at. The machine can understand what a user wants. and even realize his physical or emotional states. we would enable to work together with human beings as intimate partners It provides them technical means for monitoring and recording human-operator’s physiological condition. It is a versatile system which can be modified to cater to the working environment.perceptual abilities to computer. . The scope of project is to create a better working environment where the user is more productive.

Anesthesiologists in every permanent rooms. bridges. centers.Operating theatres.At power plant control 3. Blue Eyes system can be applied working environment requiring operator's attention.At flight control 5. .APPLICATIONS 1.At captain 4. 2.

It can even understand your emotions at the touch of the mouse. where he is looking at. and even realize his physical or emotional states. eye tracking etc. and start interacting with you. feel your presence. It can verify your identity. gesture recognition. It realizes the urgency of the situation through the mouse. This mouse is named as ‘emotion mouse’. speech recognition. For instance if you ask the computer to dial to your . The machine can understand what a user wants.Uses of blue eyes technology It has the ability to gather information about you and interact with you through special techniques like facial recognition.

friend at his office. it understands the situation and establishes a connection. It can reconstruct the course of operator’s work. .

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