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and retrieval can take place in intervals of spaced repetition with the importance of the material we are trying to remember (Chomsky. “when”. By learning more this concept of reactivation of memory can be brought on through NonREM sleep to take the information stored in the hippocampi to the long-term storage. This information is stored in the neural connections throughout the brain. Long-term memory captures episodically or composing information through the basics of capturing the “what”. long-term memory can store large amounts of information we have processed throughout our lives (Pastorino.Concept and Reaction Paper for [insert name] Memory is the process of encoding information that we have stored in our brain. and “where”. We can remember things through our senses of the outside world chemically and physically. Studies have found that characteristics of long-term memory can be always varying but the storage capacity of long-term memory is unlimited. this is natural with growth. Some problems that prevent memory problems can traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases through furthered analysis. The stimulus triggers our memory process through our consciousness. Short-term memory is only available to us for short durations. The hippocampus is the transition between obtaining new information and placing something from the short-term to the long-term memory. 2010). sleep is the most important factor to having well-organized memories. I believe the importance of any item can weigh heavy on the outcome of remembering a single item from my own experiences. 1 . 1962). We can actively retrieve from our brain through the process of determining what is important information through repetition of use. Long-term memory is subject to fading in the forgetting process. Everyone knows from their own experience.

Belmont: Wadsworth Chomsky. and A.: Stanford University Press. E. S. "Explanatory Models in Linguistics. E.. Suppes. 2 ." in Logic. (2010). Tarski. What Is Psychology? Essentials (1st ed. Calif. Stanford.). Nagel. ed. & Doyle-Portillo. 1962. P. Methodology and Philosophy of Science. N.Concept and Reaction Paper for [insert name] References Pastorino.

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