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Letter of Recommendation: Tammy LaFrinere May 1, 2012

To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to write a strong letter of recommendation for Ms. Tammy LaFrinere. I had the pleasure of Tammy in two courses that I taught in the Masters of Arts program at Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan. The two courses were online and each was worth three credits. The courses are in the first semester of the program. The title of each is respectively entitled: Teacher as Leader and Meeting the Needs of all Students. In addition to her written responses, a second component of the course is online forum postings that are in cooperation with other classmates. Ms. LaFrinere received outstanding grades throughout each class. The grades are based on the written work such as: application and reflective assignments and the forum postings. I am pleased to report that she was well prepared, prompt in submitting assignments, exhibited excellent graduate-level writing skills and illustrated outstanding grasp an understanding of the materials studied. In addition, she has outstanding awareness of her students in the classroom, school district and her profession. Her work was always in-depth in thought and validated by an excellent command of the literature and videos associated with the course work as evidenced by her exemplary references, connections and support that she garnered in her in-text citations that affirmed her ideas. One of her true strengths was her support of her cohorts in the online postings. Her outstanding understanding and knowledge in addressing issues was apparent in the sharing of ideas with her cohorts on the forum postings. In closing, I have no reservations in supporting her in any endeavor she may have in the field of education. Therefore, I strongly support her for any position that she's applying to for any institution. She will be a great addition, a hard worker, and a very knowledgeable and trusted employee. Regards, Joseph V. Palazzola Faculty Mentor Marygrove College MAT Program 772. 978. 7023