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North Gaston High School

1133 Ratchford Road – Dallas, North Carolina 28053 – Gaston County

September 8, 2010 To Whom It May Concern: As her colleague in the teaching profession, as well as a longtime friend, it is my pleasure to recommend Tammy Lafrinere for the first grade position within Cheboygan Area Schools at West Side Elementary. In my experience working with teachers and staff in Michigan, North Carolina, and the Bahamas, I can think of no other person who is so wonderfully suited to teach the children who come through your school doors. Ms. Lafrinere’s knowledge and skills in the educational realm are illustrated by her many accomplishments and achievements. Her trainings in MiBLSi, CHAMPs, and DIBELs speak of her dedication to continued learning and advancement in order to best aid her students, academically, socially, and emotionally. Her experience with the special needs program and interventions for low-performing students indicate her ability to work with a range of students in order to help them learn to their highest potential in the most effective manner possible. While many educators attend such professional development due to an obligatory mandate, Ms. Lafrinere attends with a desire to acquire new methods and strategies that will help her educate and form her students into 21st century learners who will become productive members of society. With her passion and dedication for this career, she is well on her way to becoming a master teacher who utilizes positive relationships with her students, applicable data, and new research techniques to be that ever-evolving, reflective practitioner most teachers only dream of being. Teaching in Cheboygan, Michigan takes a special person. As a 2002 graduate of Cheboygan Area Schools, I can personally testify to the positive benefits of learning from staff members who are so dedicated to the community and its people. Tammy Lafrinere is a woman who will stay true to the town, its schools, and its reputation as place where parents want to send their students. Being a present Jaycee member as well as a present CAS employee, Ms. Lafrinere demonstrates this on a daily basis. If I had a child in her class, I would be confident in knowing that she would give me an impromptu conference in the grocery store, be a cheering fan at an athletic event or school play, and even be that friendly, familiar face of an old teacher who teenagers cannot wait to say hello to at a Friday night football game. For a district whose elementary schools boast mission statements that include promoting “responsible behavior in a positive and orderly environment” and “mutual respect among students, staff, and parents,” you have your best candidate in Ms. Lafrinere, a role model who exemplifies these qualities. Hire her. You will not regret it. Sincerely, Abby F. Grulke North Gaston High School English Department Chair B.A. in English, History, & Secondary Education M.S. in Teacher Leadership