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In hilly areas fanners often contour their fields to reduce the erosion due to water flow. This might have the unintended effect of changing the yield since the rows may not he aligned in an east-west direction to take advantage of direct sunlight. The following summary statistics show the yields in hundreds of bushels per acre of randomly selected plots ofland along hillsides as well as level plots ofland nearby with similar soil characteristics. Level Hilly Level Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum Mean Std Dev Number

10.9 10.9

13.3 18.5

29.2 39.3

58.1 61.5

100.0 118.0

35.7 48.6

20.4 22.1

12 12


Draw side-by-side

boxplots that compare the yields for the two types ofland.


Based on your boxplots drawn in part (a). write a few sentences comparing the distribution of com yields for level and hilly areas. Suppose you wanted to determine if there was a significant difference in the corn yields between the two types ofland, level and hilly, What statistical test would be most appropriate to assess this difference? Justify your choice. Given your choice of test in part (c). are the conditions for conducting Explain your reasoning that test met?





F or this study. "I should exercise more than I do. Suppose the company finds that the herbal product significantly reduces the rate at which people contract the common cold. It recruits 400 collegeage students and randomly divides them into two groups of200. Why is a placebo group necessary in this case? Explain your answer.S. (d) 3. "I should exercise more Q' 24 . Each student will receive a daily injection of a nasty cold virus for a period three days. This injection will be in the form ofa nasal spray. A large company that manufactures herbal products plans to test the effectiveness of a new product that it would like to market as a preventive for the common cold." agreed with the (a) (b) Construct and interpret a 96% confidence interval to estimate the proportion adult population that would agree with this statement. The other 200 will follow the same schedule but will be given a placebo liquid. Researchers will record the number of students who develop colds in each group. adults." of adults who would agree with the statement. In a recent survey of 1500 randomly selected U. state one source of potential bias and how it would affect the estimate of the proportion than I do.S. (a) (b) (c) Is this an experiment or an observational study? Justify your answer. of the U. Five days before the nasal injections of the cold virus begin. 200 ofthe students are directed to consume two cups per day of a liquid drink containing the herbal product--one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening. Identify the hypotheses that the company might test to determine whether the herbal product was effective in preventing subjects from contracting a cold. Should the company advertise that this product reduces the chance of getting a cold for everyone? Explain.• 2. 68% of the respondents statement.

mean and standard deviation of the weight of the box of candy? what is the (b) Assuming that the weights of the boxes. in the main entrance to the school. The boxes have a mean weight of3 ounces with a standard deviation of'O. the nuggets. nuggets. (a) Assuming that the weights of the boxes.3 ounces. A random sample of students over a one-week period was selected and interviewed. Cafeteria Main Entrance Gym 41 22 19 49 8 5 11 19 9 (a) What should the administrators statistical evidence. and fudge are independent. LOCATION BEVERAGE Soda Juice Water .2 ounces and the mean weight of a piece of fudge is 4 ounces with a standard deviation of 0. They would like to know if a student's beverage choice depends on location. 25 . what is the probability that at least one of the boxes will weight less than 34 ounces? Determine the probability that a random sample of'three boxes (c) (d) will have a mean weight of less than 34 ounces. and the fudge are approximately normally distributed. The administrators of a very large high school have installed new drink vending machines in the cafeteria. The results are shown in the table. what is the probability that a randomly selected box of candy will weight less than 34 ounces? lfthree boxes are selected at random. A candy manufacturer is marketing a gift box containing four cream-filled nuggets and five pieces of fudge. 2 a reasonable 5.'\ I \ -. The manufacturing process for each candy is designed so that the mean weight of a cream-filled nugget is 3 ounces with a standard deviation of 0. Is conclude? Support your answer with appropriate (b) estimate of the proportion of all students in the high school who buy 183 their beverages in the lobby of the gym? Explain your reasoning.~ \ I I ~ 4. and in the lobby area outside the gym.I ounce.

determine the estimated probability of scoring the first overtime goal in at least five of the six games. Using the random number table below. and is considered the better team in all of them. (a) Describe the design of a simulation using the table of random digits below to estimate the desired probability. Make a table of your results. Make your procedure clear by marking on or above the table so that someone can follow what you did. If a team has six overtime games. in games where the teams are not evenly matched.6. Suppose that in soccer. the better team hasa 72% chance of scoring the first goal in overtime of any game. From your simulation. what is the probability that this team will score the first overtime goal in at least five out of these six games? Answer the question using simulation. run your simulation 12 times. (b) 84177 06757 17613 15582 5]506 81435 41050 92031 06449 05059 13006 59884 31180 53115 84469 94868 57967 05811 84514 75011 63395 55041 15866 06589 13119 71020 85940 91932 09488 74987 54355 52704 90359 02649 47496 71567 94268 08844 26294 64759 08989 57024 97284 00637 89283 03514 59195 07635 03309 72605 29357 23737 67881 03668 33876 3584] 52869 23114 15864 38942 26 .

:! (c) Below are two simulations of200 runs each for the playing of six overtime games. and the other represents a team that is better than its opponent. One represents a team that is fairly evenly matched with its opponent.. Distribution A 70 60 60 ><J c 40 30 20 10 0 2 3 4 5 6 Gl . Which distribution represents which team? Explain your reasoning. !!! 'J Number Games Won Distribution B .I 0- u.

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