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Abstract The aim of this exercise was to design a bridge, predict the amount of weight it could hold and

then build it and test it. It was also an exercise in teamwork and was about being able to organise a team and work together over a period of 10 weeks to design and build the bridge. The bridge had to span a gap of 110cm, be made only of wood and glue, not exceed 380 grams in weight and have a pin The first step of design was to test materials. Material testing involved, taking different typed of wood and gules and testing them for their tensile strength, compressive strength, weight and the ability to be able to combine materials with the glues. Once materials were selected the team had to design the bridge. Calculations had to be carried out to predict how much weight the design would hold in the bridges centre, these calculations included finding the bending moments, second moment of area, which beams were in tensions which were in compression.

Glue testing: Glue was tested by sticking 2 popsicle sticks together, test subjects ranged in types of glue used to how much overlap in centimetres. The weight was added to the join of the glue and was continually added until test subject broke. pva 3.5 kg 4.25 kg 6.1kg More then 7kg Tarzans grip 5.4kg 2kg More then 7kg More then 7kg Araldite Wood broke Wood broke Wood broke Wood broke

1cm 1.5cm 2cm 3cm