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REEB CFL Fact Sheet Eskimos

REEB CFL Fact Sheet Eskimos

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Published by Cary Castagna

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Published by: Cary Castagna on May 03, 2012
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Fact sheet

2012 CFL Jersey Reengineered On Field Jersey

Previous Jersey
No technologies incorporated into fabric Combination of two fabrics: v Stretch air mesh (Body of jersey) v Stretch dazzle (Side panels shoulders and cowl)

Reengineered Jersey
Moisture wicking technology incorporated into fabric Combination of two fabrics: v New stretch mesh (Body of jersey) o Lighter o Has lycra, which makes fit of the jersey much tighter o Allows for greater range of motion v New stretch dazzle (Cowl) o Lighter o Has mechanical stretch for a better fit over the pads Name and numbers are stretch twill

Name and numbers are stretch twill

Testing of the On Field Jersey
Lab testing (Before being on field) Burst strength (pounds per square inch) Tensile strength (grab test to measure the pounds required to tear the fabric) Additional tear test (requires the tear to be initiated before testing) Wicking All 3 fabrics were tested on field for 2 years before being put on full teams Equipment managers submitted questionnaires and feedback Teams were included in the complete process to test v The fitting of the fabrics v The performance of the fabrics/uniforms o On field o In wash The fabrics have now been on field for several seasons without issues

On field testing (2 years)

Fan Premier Jersey

Previous Jersey Fabrication v Cowl: Trilobal Nylon Dazzle 5 oz. v Body: Trilobal Nylon diamond weave Mesh 4.8 oz. Screen print application 2 4 extended drop tail side vent at the bottom of the jersey

Reenginered Premier Jersey Fabrication: v Cowl: 100% Polyester Pique 5 oz. v Body: 100% Polyester Double Hole Mesh 6.7 oz. Now available in stitched down name and number No more drop tail More lifestyle fit

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