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Worksheet on How i Taught My Grand Mother to Read

Worksheet on How i Taught My Grand Mother to Read

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Published by Jobin Devasia

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Published by: Jobin Devasia on May 03, 2012
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SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS (30 – 40 WORDS) Answer the following questions. 1.

The village was not easily accessible. How do we know this?  Value points – no regular post, newspaper in the afternoon, no good transport, weekly magazine one day late. 2. What was Kashi Yatre?  Value points – a popular serial in a magazine, story of an old lady, desire to go to holy city Kashi. 3. Why are Kashi/ Varanasi specially significant for Hindus?  Value points – believed to be abode of Lord Vishweshwara, worship, ultimate punya. 4. Grandmother was a keen learner. Give two instances to prove this?  Value points – listened carefully, could repeat the entire text by heart later, set deadline for learning, succeeded. 5. Grandmother gave her teacher a gift. Who was her teacher? What did the gift signify?.  Value points – Guru dakshina, expression of gratitude to teacher, her granddaughter who taught her to read. LONG ANSWE TYPE QUESTIONS (80 – 100 WORDS) Answer the following questions. 1. Imagine that you are the writer. How did you feel when your grandmother touched your feet? Record your thoughts and emotions in the form of a diary entry.  Value points – taken aback, contrary to custom, understood grandma’s sentiment. 2. Grandmother is on her death bed. In her last moments, she writes a letter to her granddaughter, thanking her for changing her life. She also asks her to carry forward the mission of imparting knowledge, so that other lives may be touched the way hers was. Write a letter that you think grandmother must have written.  Value points -

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